Saturday, December 24, 2005

Endoscopic Ear Digger!'s the endoscopic ear digger I was telling my bee about and I thought the promotional picture was wayyy funny. Doesn't she look like she's going.."Wahhh...I didn't know I had that much crap in there!" Now aren't the Japanese a creative lot....amazing how they can come up with seemingly ridiculous yet undeniably useful and innovative stuff!! Wouldn't mind having one of'll certainly make my better half's task that much easier when she's digging my ears (which she does all the time). :) But at approx. 15000 yen(approx RM500??..I think) a sure doesn't come cheap. Ahhh...why does everyone keep saying that all great things in life are free...this one sure isn't! Well, at least the one who does the digging for me is free...or is she..??!! :)