Sunday, January 15, 2006

Second-Year-Anniversary: Part Deux

Wow...those are the best things anyone has ever said about me, bee! Now I feel like I'm floating on a bed of clouds!(preferably with you next to me) :) So I guess I should at least list out the things I love about my princess. I hope the people who read this have a strong stomach, although I promise to go easy on the mushiness.

I love it whenever you practise double standards, to a certain degree of course. I sound like I enjoy being dominated or something, and that's certainly NOT the case!

I love it whenever you ask me one of those "What if..." questions every once in a while. How someone can have so many What If questions is still a mystery to me.

I love it when I explain something and you'll ask "Why?"...and I'll go "Because..." and then you'll continue with more "Why"s until I give up.

Huh...are those all the reasons I can think of? :) Most importantly, I love how we have the strength and confidence to overcome whatever hurdles and problems that come our way simply because we love each other enough to make an effort to never let any problems go unresolved.

It's obvious my reasons are noticeably less compared to my bee's.

Listing out the reasons are tough, since it's THE Princess we're talking about, but loving her is ridiculously easy cos when it comes to's not how many great points that person has but how you can love the other person for who she is for she is so much more than just a pretty face or having a funny personality. Every relationship has it's fair share of magic, highs, lows, and challenges...and to be able to experience it with my princess is truly priceless. Take that, Master Card!

Supper for 2 at Murni Restaurant: RM18
Cable car ride for 2 in Genting: RM10?? I forgot liao.
Parking at Ikano for our ritualistic visits to Ikea: RM1
Bee: Priceless (Which means if she doesn't behave, I can put her up for auction in Ebay for free)


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MisSmall said...

So basically you're saying that I'm good for nothing but you love me anyway? *Raises eyebrows*