Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back from Perth

Landed in Melbourne right before dawn breaks this morning.

The 4-hour flight was not too bad, but neither Bee nor I got much shut-eye.

We've been too spoiled by the warm weather in Western Australia and had completely forgotten about how the chilly winter is unsubtly creeping up on us in Melbourne. That is, of course, until we were greeted by icy wind head on as soon as we stepped out from the aircraft.

I clung on to my pashmina for dear life while Bee trying to act all macho, refusing to reach for his jacket in our hand luggage.

In detest of our abandonment for the past 2 weeks, the house was colder than an ice box when we got back. We turned the heater to full blast, plus the central heating, and it still took ages to heat up my tiny room.

It really didn't help that we had to entertain a friend in the freezing kitchen for hours and couldn't just jump right into bed! My feet nearly got frost bites from the floor tiles if I had not put on Sylvester (my house slippers) in time. x_x

And of course, we passed out the instant our heads touched the pillows and slept through rest of the day. If it wasn't because of our growling stomachs, I'm sure we would've continued sleeping till the next day.

What does one do when it's too cold out and there's nothing to eat at home?

Dial a pizza!

While I sit in my warm and cozy room, wearing my favourite flannel pyjamas and waiting for dinner to come knocking on my door, once again I get to take no notice of the unpleasant weather condition outside.

So bring it on, winter!