Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My First Job Offer in KL

Life works in a funny way.

Just as I'm settling into my new lifestyle as an airhead tai-tai whose biggest concern is whether the tailor finishes alterations of my new gowns in time for the charity gala, I got a job offer.

Out of nowhere, I received a phone call from an uncle's friend, offering me a managerial position with a salary package that's too good to say no to.

Okay, the amount itself is actually much less than what I used to make in Melbourne, but for someone who's as broke as me at the moment, the money sign alone dazzles my eyes. At the very least, with what they're gonna pay me, I won't have to leech off Bee to fund my shopping habit anymore. And hence, less nagging from him. Haha.

The best part is, the employer is very willing to accommodate my schedules. Job starts in January, but I'm allowed to have 2 weeks off to take my mum to her checkup in Cat City and then spend Chinese New Year in Swan City. I'm also able to leave on short notice whenever I decide to return to Melbourne. And I get to pick the days of the week and hours I prefer to work (or not).

It all sounds too good to be true, ey?

But of course, there's a catch. In my line of work, working in Malaysia means that I'll have to deal with the one area that exists in almost all systems around here, one which I find extremely hard to tolerate - the greys. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be to work without a clear and rigid guidelines, let alone compromising my professional integrity just because everyone else is doing it.

That aside, I'm gonna have to give up my freedom as an unemployed bum and be stuck at work for the next few months. No more waking up at 2pm everyday, no more lazing around by the pool, no more long lunches followed by long high teas, and no more unlimited shopping sessions every day of the week.

On top of all the factors to be considered, I'm also burdened by the possibility of offending the uncle who recommended me to his friend if I turned down the job. Yeah I know, it's the Asian in me. :|

It's a tough call, which is why it kept me tossing and turning in bed for the whole night last night. And I woke up today, not having the slightest clue what to say when the manager calls me back later this afternoon.

So yes, life does have a funny way of messing with our heads.

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Che-Cheh said...

Congarts!!! That's a really great offer. :)

renaye said...

ooh good on u! it's good to have some moolah for urself so u can pamper more on urself other than getting expenses from ur darling. HAHA...

good boss is really hard to come by but what's the point of being in an environment where u r not allowed to display ur creativity, and not to mention u r not allowed to shine? and i don't think my boss knows about the bullying going on in the office. mentioning to him is also a risk of losing my job. if i'm so unhappy i should just move on. moreover, my present job doesn't take me anywhere.... so why waste my youth while still i have?

emotionalistic said...

Hey, congrats gal. Can i have your job too? :P

Doreen said...

I say take it! Working is the way to keep yourself in the social loop and updated.

sab said...

you wake up round 2pm? wow! haha!

congratulations on the job! i'd love to work in KL! shopping!!

foongpc said...

You are so lucky to get a job that gives you so much flexibility, so take it and make more money and then you can shop and shop some more!

You can always have your freedom in waking up late during your weekends : )

fuzkittie said...

Congrats! Hmmm it is a tough decision huh~ Personally I probably wouldn't stop working hehehee, but who knows once the time comes, I might just want to laze around!

MisSmall said...

Che-Cheh: Thanks. It really was, and it's a pity that I've decided not to accept it. :|

Renaye: Agreed. It feels empowering to use one's own money huh? :)

Emotionalistic: Haha. I didn't accept the offer, so the job is up for grab again. :)

Doreen: I actually become anti-social when I work. Haha. But I agree that working does keep one in the loop. I feel so out of touch these days. :(

Sab: I have weird sleeping hours these days. :P

Foongpc: Problem is, I'll have much less time to shop when I work. Kinda defeats the purpose, yes? :D

Fuzkittie: I never thought I'd stop working and be a stay-at-home wife too. But I really dread working in Malaysia since things are so different with what I've been taught, so.....*Shrugs*