Saturday, June 13, 2009

Miss Pumpkinface

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is your captain, Miss Pumpkinface speaking.

Yeap yeap, that's me, Miss My-Face-Looks-Like-A-Butternut-Pumpkin!

As you can see, it's only the 3rd day into my so called recuperation from my wisdom teeth extraction, and I'm already losing my marbles. :|

I woke up this morning and, literally, couldn't remember what day it is. I think I've been couped up at home for too long that I'm losing touch with the outside world. :(

I got real bored later on that I decided to tag along when Bee went for one of his many ice-cream runs for me at Village Grocer. I hid in the car (in the underground car park) the entire time though, very Phantom-like behaviour. Haha.

I guess the only thing worse than not being able to go anywhere because I'm Miss Potatohead *rolls eyes*, is not being able to eat normal food.

I'm currently on a soft diet. Even though the right side of my mouth seems to be doing better than the left, I still can't chew on solid food because the area around the wounds still feel pretty tender and I'm terrified of doing anything that might aggravate it.

For the past 2 days, I've been feeding on really watery porridge, ice-cream, fruit puree and soft cakes, which doesn't sound too bad. But this is day three of the same food, and I'm starting to go out of my mind.

Somebody gets me a big fat juicy burger! NOW!!

12 left a petal:

Ellen said...

I was on a rice porridge diet when I had mine extracted heh, it's my ultimate comfort food when feeling ill.

Hope this will brighten up your day:

JoMel said...

oh... I had a big fat juicy burger today, to be exact, Friday's Cheeseburger from TGIF.

Ok.. I'm not helping much aren't I?

I'm sure you will get to satisfy your craving real soon. be patient. :)

Doreen said...

Hang in there a bit longer dearie. You would be able to enjoy any kind of food you want in no time. You remind me of my wisdom teeth extraction. Because I am a wuss, I had the extraction done separately, 3 times!!! Now I am keeping one for my wisdom!! LOL

MisSmall said...

Ellen: Thanks sweetie! That's such a cute blog. Ickle and Lardee are so adorable that they definitely put a smile to my face. Though it actually hurts for me to smile now. :x

I love porridge too, but I've been having it so often for the past few days that I can't help but crave for solid food. Think of a big fat pork and mushroom Chinese rice dumpling, complete with water chestnut, salty egg yolk and all. Yum~ *Slurps*

MisSmall said...

JoMel: Not helping!!!!! *Pouts*

Ouch, it hurts to pout too! :|

Now that you went and mentioned it, I can't get the image of Friday's Cheeseburger out of my head. See what you've done, woman! :(

MisSmall said...

Doreen: Trust me, gal, I'm a much bigger wuss. That's why I chose to remove both of my remaining wisdom teeth in one go so I don't have to go through the scary experience again. :D

I had one of my upper wisdom teeth extracted a few years ago because it was rubbing against my inner cheek, the other one is still MIA. Here's hoping that it's a part of my wisdom that remains hidden huh? Haha.

sdovelly said...

LOL! LOL! (why can't i stop laughing :p can someone please stop me?!!)

prettybeautiful said...

hope u r feeling better now hun ") thanks for the advice, i will seriously consider abt cutting my wisdom before they gimme bigger trouble

iamthewitch said...

Oh dear! I hope your stitches recover soon. I can't imagine how my life would be without meat! LOL

emotionalistic said...

When I had my teeth extracted last time, I covered my mouth with a piece of tissue and walk into McDonald to buy myself a cup of porridge. People around me were starring at me and gave me a weird look, like I've got disease and started to step back :P. *nightmare*

MisSmall said...

Sdovelly: Um...*Looks around* Is it something I said? *Scratches head*

Prettybeautiful: You do that, dearie. Or at least hear what the dentist has to say. :)

MisSmall said...

Iamthewitch: You spoke my mind, gal! I'm a meat-a-saurus too! :p

Emotionalistic: Awww, how mean! See, this is exactly why I don't dare to go out. People are gonna stare at my pumpkin face like I'm a freak. *Sobs sobs*