Thursday, July 09, 2009

Dream of Fashion World

I've spent too much time watching shows like Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, and The Rachel Zoe Project that I think they've gone to my head.

Seeing how brave and determined those talented people strive for their passion almost made me want to pursue my own little dream about having a career in fashion.

Almost, I said. *Smiles*

I acknowledge the fact that I lack the creativity and skills to be a designer, or the height and body to be a model, but I do have a good eye for beautiful things and my own sense of style. So maybe something like a stylist or fashion buyer?

Or I could always take up Bee's offer in opening a small and quaint little boutique of my own.

But of course, I'm also too much of a lazy bum to start from scratch again, and not enough of a risk taker to venture out of my comfort zone to explore a new, to say the least, career path.

So I guess all I'll end up doing about this reignited childish dream of mine is to go shopping for a new dress.

If the closest I can ever come to living in the fashion world is owning a closet full of fabulous dresses and shoes, I guess I can live with that.


As long as I also get to buy as many bags as I want.

And there goes my ambitious Thursday.

You know you love me!