Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Big Fight

Bee and I had our biggest argument tonight.

It was BAD.

We were both furious and yelling at each other on the phone. Bee has never raised his voice at me in the whole 2 years and 10 months we've been dating, so you could imagine how bad it was.

The whole thing actually started with something really minute, but I guess it was intensified by all the other problems we've been having, so it took off like bush fires.

None of us were listening to each other, we were both too stubborn and refused to give in. It got so bad that at one point, both of us got so tired of arguing and just felt like calling it off.

But thank God we came to our senses despite being fuming mad, and realised that whatever it was, it wasn't worth our relationship.

Sure we have our own set of problems and differences, but which couple doesn't? What we have is something really special, and it's too precious to be thrown away just like that.

To me, it is okay to argue in relationships (it is inevitable anyway), as long as it is bringing the two people closer, not further apart. Sometimes, arguments even bring new understanding about the other person that you might not discover when everything is lovey dovey.

However, having said that, argument is still not a best way to solve problems and it can leave bad scars. Bear in mind that not all scars can be healed.

Maybe sometimes all we need to avoid arguments is a little more acceptance and tolerance, a little more patience and understanding. Something yours truly is trying very hard to master.

It is not easy to meet someone whom you love and have that person loves you back at the same time.

It's extremely difficult, actually.

So when you find that person, make sure that you treasure the relationship with all our heart and don't take things for granted. Love doesn't come by easily, and it's not something that you can ask for. How often do you meet someone that you can imagine holding his/her hands for the rest of your life?

You're still my Mr.Perfect, babee, and I still want to be your little princess. I'm sorry that we argued, let's kiss and make up! :)