Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Year 2008, I........

  • Turned 28.
  • Took on the responsibility to pay for Long's living expenses in Tassie.
  • Quit a high-paying managerial job with the most liberal and understanding bosses.
  • Contemplated on buying my own practice, but was advised against it by our accountant after an evaluation of the business.
  • Went on holidays with Bee to Tasmania and Perth.
  • Left everything behind in Melbourne to move back to KL.
  • Received the most memorable marriage proposal and a stunning engagement ring from Bee.
  • Got (legally) married to Bee.
  • Struggled to adjust myself to the madness and frustration of living in my own home country.
  • Was terribly annoyed and culture-shocked, on a daily basis, by our fellow coutrymen and the "tidakpa" attitude.
  • Became terribly homesick of Melbourne.
  • Realised that I may not even want to hold on to my Malaysian passport if it wasn't for my loved ones, as I've completely lost faith in the country.
  • Had some of the biggest arguments with Bee.
  • Slowly learned to appreciate my new lifestyle as a stay-at-home wife who does NOT cook or do house chores.
  • Came to accept and love Bee's family like my own.
  • Gained weight as a result of my obsessive compulsive tendency with food.
  • Turned down 2 very attractive job offers in KL to continue being a full-time bum.
  • Discovered that most things in life are not what they appeared to be on the surface.
  • Rediscovered the joy of blogging.
  • Learned that maybe it's time to grow up.

It was a good year. Despite some of the ups and downs.

It was the year Bee and I had our formal Registration of Marriage and tied the knot. It was the year that we got to spend the most time together since we knew each other. It was the year that I began to learn to embrace him for both his strengths and flaws as he's done that for me since the day we met. It was the year that we realised we love each other not only as lovers, but as family too.

It was the year we said "I do".

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Merry Christmas


Bee and I had a quiet day in. Just the two of us.

It's like any other ordinary day at home for us. No Christmas tree, no turkey for dinner, no hanging of mistletoe.

There wasn't much drive to put up decorations or host a Christmas dinner since we were lazy the house hasn't been renovated yet. Instead, we ordered in and snuggled up in bed like two lazy beavers, wiggling our toes to "Go, Tell It on the Mountain".

We didn't even exchange presents this year. My chronic procrastination has gotten so bad that I procrastinated on picking out Christmas presents. @_@ I console myself by thinking that I'm trying to preserve the spirit of Christmas by prolonging the anticipation. Haha.

Last year, when I spent Christmas alone in Melbourne, Bee and I promised each other a white Christmas. The proper way a Christmas should be, he said.

Alas, no thanks to my dwindling bank account and indecisiveness, our much anticipated winter shopping trip to the US of A and Europe has to be postponed. So, no white Christmas for us again.

But this year, Bee and I are together. And married! It's our first Christmas as husband and wife.

If home is where the heart is, then I'm finally home.

And THAT, is how a Christmas should be.

Merry Christmas, baby.

The Christmas Song
Nat King Cole

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping on your nose
Yuletide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos

Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe
Help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight

They know that Santa's on his way
He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh
And every mother's child is going to spy
To see if reindeer really know how to fly

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although its been said many times, many ways
A very Merry Christmas to you

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Don't Be Late

This song has been ringing in my head for the past few days.

Two more sleeps till Christmas!

Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?

The Chipmunk Song
(Christmas Don't Be Late)

The Chipmunks

All right you Chipmunks! Ready to sing your song?
-I'll say we are!
-Let's sing it now!
Okay, Simon?
Okay, Theodore?
Okay, Alvin? Alvin? ALVIN!

Christmas, Christmas time is near
Time for toys and time for cheer
We've been good, but we can't last
Hurry Christmas, hurry fast
Want a plane that loops the loop
Me, I want a hula hoop
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late.

Okay fellas get ready
That was very good, Simon.
Very good Theodore.
Ah, Alvin, you were a little flat, watch it.
Ah, Alvin. Alvin. ALVIN!

Want a plane that loops the loop
I still want a hula hoop
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late.
We can hardly stand the wait
Please Christmas, don't be late.

Very good, boys
-Lets sing it again! Yeah, lets sing it again!
No, That's enough, lets not overdo it
-What do you mean overdo it?
-We want to sing it again!
Now wait a minute, boys
-Why can't we sing it again?
-[chipmunk chatter]
Alvin, cut that out..Theodore, just a minute.
Simon will you cut that out? Boys...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Who Reads Your Blog?

Few nights ago, I had an episode of paranoia.

It's actually something that's been bothering me for quite a while now. Recent incidents merely intensified the feeling.

What happened was, I found out, by pure coincidence, that the author of a blog I read is married to my ex-boyfriend's college mate. And another blogger, whom I occasionally exchange emails with, is best friend with an old acquaintance of my senior in uni.

Six degrees of separation is only so true. So if you think the world is big, think again.

Think about this, a random google search on "chocolate banana cake from Secret Recipe" actually led me to a blog with my coursemate's wedding photos all over it.

You never know what you're gonna find online, and the world is only this small. Chances are, every once in a while, you're bound to stumble across someone you know of on the net.

Which got me thinking, do I really know who is reading my blog?

No, I'm not worried about strangers reading my blog. But the thought of my family or friends or acquaintances or patients read my blog, gives me goosebumps all over.

This secret space of mine has been an outlet for me to vent and share my thoughts without having to worry about being judged. I love that I'm able to say things freely instead of holding back, I love that I can sound as silly as I want, I love that my statements don't always have to be politically correct, and most of all, I love that people don't know who I am in real life and hence don't expect me to act a certain way.

Does it make sense that I feel more comfortable sharing my uncensored thoughts with people I don't know, instead of people I do know?

All my life, for some reasons beyond me, I've had people probing into my life trying to find things they can exaggerate to 10 times its magnitude just so it's gossip-worthy, I'm sick and tired of it. To think that someone who knows me is secretly stalking and reading about my life, sends chills down my spine.

Maybe I'm over-reacting, but I'm actually considering locking my blog.

Don't get me wrong, I love my readers (you gals know I do) and I'm very honoured that some of you actually enjoy reading my senseless ramblings. I'm just freaking out because of the bad experience I've had with some nosy pests in my life.

Yes it's my decision to put it out there when I started keeping a blog, but I value my privacy. A lot. Contradicting, ey?

Also, the possibility of my (or Bee's) family and relatives finding out about my blog, creeps me out BIG TIME.

Okay, I think I need to go make myself a big cup of chamomile tea to calm my nerves and rethink this over.

What about you? Have you ever wondered who reads your blog?

Monday, December 15, 2008

How to Wear Black Nail Polish Right

I've been wearing black nail polish to nearly all of my formal social events lately, and I'm loving it!

First of all, black nail polish works wonders in adding that extra bit of edge to an otherwise ultra girly or feminine outfit, and hence, prevents you from looking over-polished or trying too hard.

When your chiffon gown almost makes you feel like you belong in the room full of middle-aged aunties showing off jewelleries that cost more than a small flat, this bold varnish simply shows that little bit of edgy personality and separates you from the Stepford wives.

It's been said that black is the new French manicure. When worn correctly, the slight rebellious touch doesn't make you look any less classy or sophisticated, only less generic.

The key to wearing black nail polish right is all in the length of nails.

If the nails are cut too close to the skin, black might make your fingers look stubby and ugly. If the nails are too long, you risk looking like a Halloween witch. The secret to wearing this dark polish trendy, but not tacky, is to have your nails short (finger-tip length, preferably) and well filed in a square shape.

Now, that brings us to the downside of black nail polish - it is high maintenance. Your nails have to be constantly clipped to the proper length and shape, and top coats have to be re-applied frequently to maintain the high gloss finish that is essential for black nail polish to look good. Chipped or uneven nail colour is a big NO-NO.

For someone who can't paint nails to save her life, I've had to frequent nail saloons on a weekly basis to get a new set of manicure and pedicure. And that is if I take good care of them. I comfort myself by thinking that at least I don't have to think of a new colour each and every week, so that makes it better. I guess.

Black is so versatile that it pretty much goes with any colours, so it's perfect if you're as fickle-minded as me and can't decide your outfit till the very last minute. I would, however, avoid wearing it with an all-black outfit (especially long gowns) to avoid looking gothic or too matchy-matchy.

Personally, black nail polish compliments medium or pale skin the most; and I tend to pair it with silver coloured jewelleries, instead of gold ones. I also steer clear of chunky/thick bracelets or necklaces to avoid looking like a wannabe-punk.

But of course, the only rule in fashion is, there are no rules. A little trial and error will help to find your own way of wearing this dramatic but fabulous colour on your nails.

So have fun playing with it and report back. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Quiet Weekend

Bee and I decided to stay in this weekend.

Being the hermits that we secretly are, the past few weeks had been really hectic for us. We're both in serious need of some quiet time to just relax and unwind, away from the crowd and bustles.

Personally, holding a cocktail glass while standing around and mingling with a room full of strangers is WAY more stressful and tiring than holding a full-time job that requires me to work 7 days a week and talking to sick grumpy patients all day long.

But of course, the dressing up and stepping out part is undeniably fun. For the little vain pot in me, the best part about attending all these social functions is having the perfect excuse to go shopping like mad wear those fancy makeup or jewelleries you normally won't and get all dolled up for a night out on the town.

This weekend, however, I'll be happily living in Bee's oversized singlet and baggy pyjamas pants while binging on junk food in bed with my greasy limpy hair. Not forgetting I have heaps of catching up to do on reading and blogging.

I hope your weekend plans are more exciting than mine. :)

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So I Said No

After spending hours on the phone consulting my mum and trying to justify my decision, I've finally made up my mind to turn down the job offer.

As tempting as the salary and learning experience it offers, I guess I'm still not quite ready to compromise my professional integrity just because it's the common practise in this country.

"I should've insisted on you coming back to work in Malaysia right after your graduation. Now you've really become rigid and stubborn like they said you would." My mum jokingly said.

"But mum, haven't I always been rigid and stubborn?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Well...that's true." She laughed.

Besides that, I really don't want to be tied down by work now and feel like I haven't rested at all (despite the many other months of being idle) when I return to Melbourne. Also, I would have spent a lot less time with Bee for the next few months, which kinda defeats the purpose of my extended holiday.

My head was a lot clearer after making the decision, but another headache soon followed. I spent the next few hours psyching myself up before I gathered enough courage to call the manager.

I hate having to say no to people, and I suck at it. Big time.

That wasn't the only phone call I had to make. Out of courtesy and respect, I called the uncle to inform him of my decision not to accept the job and thank him for his recommendation. And boy, that was another hard one for me to do.

When it was all done, I exhaled deeply and a rush of relief flowed through my veins.

I don't know whether it was a mistake to pass up such a great opportunity to get me in touch with the local scene, I don't know whether I'll regret it further down the road, I'm just glad that I won't have another night of tossing and turning in bed.

So now I'm gonna sit back, have a cup of hot tea with my latest obsession - chicken floss roll from Bread Story, and try not to think for a while.

Later, peeps.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My First Job Offer in KL

Life works in a funny way.

Just as I'm settling into my new lifestyle as an airhead tai-tai whose biggest concern is whether the tailor finishes alterations of my new gowns in time for the charity gala, I got a job offer.

Out of nowhere, I received a phone call from an uncle's friend, offering me a managerial position with a salary package that's too good to say no to.

Okay, the amount itself is actually much less than what I used to make in Melbourne, but for someone who's as broke as me at the moment, the money sign alone dazzles my eyes. At the very least, with what they're gonna pay me, I won't have to leech off Bee to fund my shopping habit anymore. And hence, less nagging from him. Haha.

The best part is, the employer is very willing to accommodate my schedules. Job starts in January, but I'm allowed to have 2 weeks off to take my mum to her checkup in Cat City and then spend Chinese New Year in Swan City. I'm also able to leave on short notice whenever I decide to return to Melbourne. And I get to pick the days of the week and hours I prefer to work (or not).

It all sounds too good to be true, ey?

But of course, there's a catch. In my line of work, working in Malaysia means that I'll have to deal with the one area that exists in almost all systems around here, one which I find extremely hard to tolerate - the greys. I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be to work without a clear and rigid guidelines, let alone compromising my professional integrity just because everyone else is doing it.

That aside, I'm gonna have to give up my freedom as an unemployed bum and be stuck at work for the next few months. No more waking up at 2pm everyday, no more lazing around by the pool, no more long lunches followed by long high teas, and no more unlimited shopping sessions every day of the week.

On top of all the factors to be considered, I'm also burdened by the possibility of offending the uncle who recommended me to his friend if I turned down the job. Yeah I know, it's the Asian in me. :|

It's a tough call, which is why it kept me tossing and turning in bed for the whole night last night. And I woke up today, not having the slightest clue what to say when the manager calls me back later this afternoon.

So yes, life does have a funny way of messing with our heads.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bargain Haul: Factory Outlet Store (F.O.S.)

Since my Ringgit is running low lately, I've had to seek other means to satiate the shopaholic in me. In the process of doing so, yours truly is proud to announce that she's rediscovered the joy of bargain shopping! ^_^

On the way to dinner with Bee the other day, I stumbled into Factory Outlet Store @ One Utama, which I've never paid much attention to. To my surprise, it's actually a great place for bargain shopping and basic pieces.

I got myself a black tank top by American Eagle Outfitters, and a pair of hot pants in white. Pardon me for playing safe, I tend to stick to the basics whenever I explore a new store. Haha.

They're both very soft and comfortable. I especially like the little pink polka dot details on the inner rim of my new hot pants.

I also found this really cute Old Navy hoodie for my friend's new baby boy. He was born a few weeks ago, and I'll get to see him when I'm back in Melbourne next year.

He might not need a sweater at the moment as it's gonna be summer in Oz soon, so I got the hoodie in a slighter bigger size. I think this one is meant for babies around 6-12 months? Hopefully when I give this to him, it'll be just right for his size and the weather.

Oh I love dressing up babies! They're like dolls, only cuter. (Okay, that's such a politically incorrect statement.)

And now, the best part of bargain shopping - the price.

All these *drum rolls*, for less than RM100! What a bargain huh? *Does a little victory dance*

It's only a mini haul this time round as we were running late for dinner. But now that I've found a new place to shop for less and stretch our Ringgit further, rest assured that I'll be back. Very soon. Haha.

(In fact, I went back the very next day and got a pair of drawstring pants for Bee. Hehe.)

So, what's your best bargain buys lately?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Poll Result!

The results of my first poll:

(Click on picture to enlarge)

A big THANK YOU to everyone who's voted. I was actually quite surprised by the number of votes since I originally anticipated, like, 10? Haha. So thanks a bunch, you guys!

As the saying goes, birds of the same feather, flock together. This is very well true when you look at how majority of the votes went to "shopping finds". It should be of no surprise that a shopaholic's blog like mine attracts shopaholic readers huh? Haha.

Speaking of which, I must apologise for my sporadic posting lately. I've been rather occupied with social obligations and personal errands *coughs* shopping, shopping and more shopping *coughs*.

End of year seems to be the busiest time for one's social calendar. All the dinners, parties, dinner parties and the likes. Not forgetting the crazy Malaysia Year-End Sale (now known as Malaysia Savings Sale) which is practically everywhere! Y'all know how I have next to zero resistance towards temptations. So needless to say, I've been burning some serious cash at the malls. >_<

Juggling between social obligations and duty to boost our country's economy (ha!), I haven't spent a whole day just lazing at home for the past 2-3 weeks. The hermit in me is seriously craving for some alone time, trust me. And despite my best efforts to try to blog when I get home everyday, I often doze off after I tapped in a line or two.

Therefore, I have a whole bunch of posts lining up and waiting to be finished. Most of which only consists of random words that are all scrambled up. Here's hoping that I still remember what they're about when I finally get around to writing them.

Till then, shop heaps and party safe, gals (and boys). :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Light, Heat & Energy Treatment

After canceling twice (and being canceled once), I finally kept my appointment for the LHE™ treatment at Leonard Drake.

A week prior to the treatment, one is to steer clear of all forms of exfoliation and prolonged sun exposure (which I wasn't informed about the first time round *rolls eyes*) to prevent causing damage to skin. So I've been a really good gal this past week and stay out of the sun.

Each treatment session takes about 60-80 minutes, which includes prepping the skin, light therapy, followed by hydration and cooling mask containing aloe vera to soothe the skin.

This non-invasive treatment has been designed for skin rejuvenation, mainly to improve skin tone and texture. Short pulses of multiple wavelength light are flashed across the face and into the skin, causing a very mild warm sensation. Upon entering our skin, the light energy is converted into heat, which then initiates a natural healing process in the skin by creating a micro-trauma in the dermal-epidermal junction and subsequently repairs the existing collagen as well as stimulates collagen regeneration.

After the treatment, it's recommended to use a hydrating mask everyday for a week. Apparently, this is the best time to hydrate because the skin is gonna drink it up like a sponge due to its vulnerability. For maximum effect, it should be accompanied by professional facial treatment weekly for the next 4 weeks. And of course, continue to avoid exfoliation and sun exposure at least for the first few days.

Personally, I didn't experience any discomfort, redness or irritation. But at the same time, I also couldn't see any visible effects on my skin after the treatment. I was told that it might take 3-5 treatments to see significant improvement.

A single LHE™ session costs RM500 at Leonard Drake. Given my financial situation at the moment, I don't think I'm gonna throw another few grand at it just to see if it works for me. My money can be spent on better things, such as....................buying shoes!

Gosh, with this mentality, I fear I'm soon becoming an old lady with saggy wrinkly skin and lots of awesome shoes. :|

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Secret Stash of Cash

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret today.

Due to my impressive ability in procrastinating, I still do not have my own personal current account in Malaysia to this day. And I've been talking about setting one up since the age of 18.

Yes, sometimes I amaze myself too.

So, I keep my money in a drawer by the bed, or more precisely, in a yellow envelope that I also keep my plane tickets in. The primitive caveman way, thank you very much.

After each of my visits to the money changer to exchange my Australian dollar, I'd "deposit" my new Malaysian Ringgit into the yellow envelope. On days that I'm not stealing notes from Bee's wallet or dragging him along as my walking ATM, I'd simply reach into the cash drawer, as I call it, and "withdraw" my moolah.

Simple, easy, and straightforward. Except that the yellow envelope is incapable of warning me about remaining balance after each withdrawal.

Today, I reached my hand into my faithful drawer as usual, and realised that I have no Ringgit left!

Yes I haven't been to the money changer since Australian dollar took a hit, but I already had quite a decent amount of Ringgit tucked away before that. And now, there's only Aussie dollars left in the envelope, staring back at me with a mocking smile.

I slumped onto the bed like a deflated balloon, feeling all defeated and thinking, "Where did all my money go?"

"Um, how many unopened shopping bags have you got lying around the room? How much is each of those worth?" My husband muttered under his breath as he walked past me with a toothbrush in his mouth.

Point taken.

I frantically emptied my wallet and counted the cash I have left.

RM87 and some loose change. That's not even enough to pay for a decent 3-course lunch!

I guess now I have the following options:
  1. Exchange my AUD at a pathetic rate of RM2.3, and forget about the glorious RM3.3 it was trading at.
  2. Leech off my husband and live with the guilt of spending way too much money on shoes since I can no longer hypnotise myself by saying, "Hey, I worked hard for that money!".
  3. Stop shopping at the malls and start shopping in my many unopened shopping bags.
So much for being financially independent huh? *Sighs deeply*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My First Poll

This blog started off as a personal space for my everyday ramblings and rants. I write just about anything that comes across my mind as my fingers flow over the keyboard. Most of the time, they're just ramblings and words that don't even make much sense.

Which is why I was rather (pleasantly) surprised when some readers started commenting or emailing me their requests for certain topics, e.g. shopping finds, review of certain products, recommendations, etc..

(For those of you who did, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to some of you, I've been lazy occupied, but I promise I'll get on to it as soon as I can.)

It got me thinking, what is it that you'd like to read more about?

So tada! My first very poll.

The poll will remain on the sidebar *points to the right -->* for a week and close sometime next Wednesday because I have no idea how to use this thing.

Please, do let me know your thoughts. I'd love to hear about them.

Many thanks in advance! :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Comfort Zone

I skipped my facial appointment with Leonard Drake today.

The rain made me lazy. And um, a little melancholy.

I've been exchanging emails with Dorothy lately. We might be getting an apartment together when I go back to Melbourne next year. Somewhere in the city, maybe.

Talking about it scared me a little.

Because it feels real now that I'm actually leaving. And that saddens me.

I'm excited (and scared at the same time) about going back to work. And I sure do miss Melbourne and living in the city that I fell in love with at the very first sight.

But what about the man who's had my heart since the day we met? What about my family?

Can I go back to living a life on my own? Can I go back to doing everything by myself instead of having things done for me without me even asking for it? Can I get used to not being chauffeured around everywhere I need to go? Can I bear living so far away from all the people I love so dearly? Can I handle the loneliness of not having someone to share my daily life with?

Then there are all the what-if's.

What if I'm not able to get a job or a position that is at least on par with what I used to have? What if I've left for too long that I've completely lost touch with the scene? What if my mum got sick again when I'm away? What if Bee and I drift apart when we're separated by an ocean? What if it's not for the better?

One of my biggest fears in life is uncertainty. Yet I constantly pluck myself outta my comfort zones and into the unknowns.

As I looked out the window from my kitchen today, I remembered all those rainy days in Melbourne that I wished I didn't have to spend alone.

And then I remembered how lonely I was. All those years.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kitty or Mousey?

Of recent week, my typical breakfast consists of:
  • A pot of Earl Grey tea
  • Meat jerky the size of my face
  • Salted egg yolk pastry with lotus paste
It will be no time before my cholesterol goes through the roof and my thighs become twice the size of what they used to be, but it's such a satisfying (albeit wrong) way to start a day, innit?

And I use the term "breakfast" loosely, it's usually way past noon when I have my first meal of the day.

Today, I had it at 2pm.

What was then supposed to be a quiet Sunday in to please the hermit in me turned out to be not so quiet afterall when Bee suggested that we should go see this showhouse on the hill all the way across town. Or maybe he just wanted to get me out of the house so I don't binge on junk food all day. Hmm.

The view was nerve soothing sans the sight of old and unmaintained condos nearby, the price was pretty decent considering it had a pool and everything, but having lived on this side of town where everything is close by and easy to get to, a different postcode just somehow feels a little foreign.

Can you imagine having to travel double the distance just to get to your usual shopping malls?

Speaking of shopping, here is my star buy from the weekend - a pink ears headband with lights!

Without lights

With lights

A little childish, yes, but I simply adore the pale shade of pink when the lights are on. In the dark, it's absolutely gorgeous!

I got a little too excited over it that I started wearing it in the middle of a busy shopping mall on a Saturday night. It attracted quite some attention, I must say, especially from the playground. A little girl stared at me for the longest time before turning to her mother and said, "I want that too." Haha!

Bee's normally pretty used to me acting like an 8 year-old, but he gave me a firm "NO" when I suggested him wearing the green ones. *Shrugs*

Don't worry, sweetie, I'm not about to go cuckoo and wear this out on a normal day or when I run down to the grocery store. This is just to add a little more fun for those special occasions, e.g. trick-or-treating during Halloween, birthday parties, Christmas Eve, countdown on New Year's Eve, and of course, those RARE days when I feel slightly crazy. :D

To make it better, it's only RM5! It really doesn't get any cheaper than that huh? I remember paying AUD25 for my devil horns in Apple Isle, and now I feel so ripped off.

I initially thought these were kitty ears, but Bee thought I looked more like a little mouse wearing it.

So, what say you? Kitty? Or mousey?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Day

Saturday is normally family day with my in-laws.

And family day for us usually translates into an over-indulging lunch, viewing showhouses, some sort of shopping, followed by another over-indulging meal.

We're boring people. We can do the same things week after week and still not bored of it.

Walking through beautifully done-up showhouses always reminds me of the passion I once had for interior design and decorating.

5 jobs I'll be doing if I had pursued art instead of science:
  • Fashion stylist
  • Fashion buyer
  • Interior designer/decorator
  • Writer
  • Event organiser/wedding planner
I love all things beautiful and I think I have a knack for it too, but I guess choosing an almost-guaranteed road to money and status seemed like the sensible thing to do. Though it turned out to be not much of both since I'm now a full-time bum. :/

Besides, I really wasn't that talented in art anyway. I may have an eye for detail and passion for beauty, but quite frankly, I lack the creativity and originality to be different. So maybe I should just stick to buying beautiful things, instead of working with them.

And I love my job, I do. I feel blessed to be where I am (or should I say "was", since I'm currently unemployed by choice?), and I'm not complaining about the career path I chose.

I'm just rambling on because I didn't get my cupcake fix today, as promised. It's a good thing that I did get my ice cream from Baskin-Robbins, otherwise I might suffer from an even-more-severe case of verbal diarrhea. Haha.

Now if you'd excuse me, I should go and have a big piece of blueberry cheesecake to shut myself up.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dumpling King

I made dumplings today.

The grand project started last night. Me, the undomesticated goddess, spent a whole hour chopping Chinese shiitake mushrooms, carrots and cabbage until my non-existent biceps were sore. I prepared enough meat fillings to feed a small army and left it to marinate overnight in the fridge.

Then I sat at my dining table for another hour tonight, making four big plates of these chubby dumplings.

They were so over-stuffed that the filling was busting out of the dumpling skin like a fat woman trying to squeeze into a skimpy outfit.

Bee frowned when he saw my little fatties, "Are your dumplings obese?"

"Oh don't be so critical! They're full figured bui-lings!" I grinned. (Translation: Bui = Fat.)

He poked at the bulging dumplings and said, "I think the uncle who sells wantan mee (wonton noodles) can easily make 20 wontons outta one of these."

He then came up with some lame raps/rhymes mocking my bui-lings till I had to distract him with some irrelevant chores.

Some of you might have noticed the lack of pictures in my posts lately. My apologies, but I've been so lazy that I couldn't even be bothered to pick up my camera.

The pictures tonight are courtesy of my husband. He was being an overly excited kitchen hand chanting "I want to help make dumplings! I want to help make dumplings!", so I diplomatically said to him, "Sweetie, why don't you be a good boy and go take some pictures of those dumplings for me?"

Kinda like, "Here, go fetch!" Haha.

Half way through stuffing meat fillings, I started plotting my genius business plan - a restaurant chain called Dumpling King. Like Burger King, only with oversized dumplings.

I'll put one in every Chinatown around the globe, serving quality dumplings with generous fillings and my secret dipping sauce with Chinese black rice vinegar.

We'd even offer delivery service. On those cold winter nights when you don't feel like leaving the comfort of your home, all you have to do is to dial 1300-DUMPLINGS and we'll come knocking on your door with freshly made hot dumplings. For every order of $25 and above, you get a complimentary hot and sour soup on the house!

Sounds good? Watch out, as it's coming to a Chinatown near you when I successfully find a filthy rich tycoon with foresight to fund my drastic change in career. Haha.

I think too much dumpling-making is getting to my head and I'm losing my plot. :/

If not, I'll just continue with my one woman (plus one annoying wingman) sweatshop, making enough dumplings to last for a whole week and store them in freezer with nicely stacked containers.

Bui-lings, anyone? :D

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Day of Errands

Bee got pickpocketed at KLCC last week.

Needless to say, it ruined the rest of the afternoon.

Instead of checking out KLCC Aquaria as planned, Bee was running in and out of different security offices and making phone calls to cancel all his cards; while my parents and I loitered around the mall trying to recover from the shock of soaring crime rates in our country these days.

I guess we should be thankful (to our lucky stars, not the damn thief!) that Bee's wallet was later found in a bin and the dumbass, who obviously didn't know the value of an LV wallet, only took his I.C. and the cash.

The security personnel concluded that it was most likely the work of foreign workers', and apparently it's NOT a rare incident. Since there was nothing much they could do about it, we just had to suck it up and take it like a loser.

Everything in this country pretty much hits a dead end, doesn't it? And instead of offering an effective solution for the problem, most people will just shrug at you and say "well, bad luck!". Ugh!

And because of some useless greedy imbecile who steals for a living, Bee had to make a police report (for "formality" purpose *rolls eyes*), apply for a new I.C., and learn to live credit card-less for a few days.

Rather fortunate, considering. Now let's hope that the lost I.C. doesn't come back and bite us in the ass a few months/years down the road, bloody hell!

That's background of the story. I got a little carried away.

Anyhoo, since Bee had to pick up his new I.C. and credit cards today, I thought it'd be a good day to run our errands. I hate shopping malls on weekends.

We started by collecting the report for Bee's blood test results from Gribbles since he has his appointment with the doctor tomorrow, followed by lunch at a Korean restaurant in the area. After lunch, I went searching for my latest obsession - Chinese meat jerky and salted egg yolk pastry with lotus paste. I'll start my healthy diet next week, um, maybe. :P

We dropped off the clothes at our usual laundry store, picked up his new credit cards from the bank, and drove to Putrajaya to collect his I.C. from JPN. I entertained myself during the journey by counting how many toll booths we have to pass through just to get from point A to point B. :|

The last stop was at Mid Valley for our afternoon tea and grocery shopping. We got a lil distracted by the Metrojaya Branded Sale after I got my fix for teh tarik ice and traditional kaya toast. Good venue, very helpful staff, well controlled traffic, limited selection, huge crowd at evening. I grabbed myself a cute Nine West pouch, a singlet for Bee, glass container for the kitchen and this pretty velvet-patterned glass candle holder (at 70% off!).

Time flew by as I lost myself trying on winter jackets in Zara. Before we even realised it, the shops were closing and we (read: I) had complete forgotten about our grocery shopping!

We rushed in last minute to get some takeaway sashimi and sushi for dinner so I don't starve my husband since my fridge is pretty much empty. We're even out of milk! Tsk.

I started feeling really unwell and nauseous when I got home, which is what happens whenever I go out to a crowded place with lots of people because my immune system is screwed.

So here I am, blabbing away on my keyboard while slowly dozing off, contemplating whether or not I should stop by the sale again tomorrow at our second attempt for grocery shopping.

And Robinsons is having the Christmas party/sale for members on Friday. Bah!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Month, New Skin

For my blog, that is.

This little space of mine turned 3 years old a couple of months back, and I conveniently forgot all about it. So I guess this will be a belated birthday present?

Dear diary, happy 3rd birthday. Please don't be mad at your irresponsible owner who has a tendency to heartlessly neglect you. Me love you long time! *Muacks muacks*

I've been meaning to give it a new look, but for months, I did what I do best - procrastinate.

The weekend before my parents came to visit, I bugged Bee to find a new template for me.

Being the obliging husband he is, he entertained my demand and even drew those two bees I visioned for the header (yours truly is computer illiterate and can't use Photoshop for shit).

But of course, being the bossy wife with an obsessive compulsive personality, I rudely interrupted his work and started tweaking the template myself. Boy I must have gone through hundreds of colour just to get the shade of pink I wanted for the side bar!

It's still not completed yet, but I got lazy I guess it's somewhat ready to make its official debut.

So, you like? :D

Monday, November 10, 2008

Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Patent Pump

You know your youth is waning when you suddenly want a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.

The newest addition to my ever-expanding wishlist - Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Patent Pump.

Black patent leather with goldtone hardware and tonal grosgrain bow with logo-embossed ornament on vamp. Round toe, with a mere 3cm stacked heel.

Simple. Classic. Timeless. Hence my wishlist material.

I can still see myself wearing these when I'm old and wrinkly. I'll be one of those really cool grandmas who wear designer outfits and Italian made footwear.

Here's to growing old gracefully. :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Sunday of Gluttony

I slept for 12 hours straight last night and woke up feeling slightly recharged today.

After having a big plate of pork dumplings for lunch, I decided to keep my facial appointment even though it was raining cats and dogs outside.

Bee drove me to 1U, I ran through the car park in rain and braced a shopping mall full of weekenders despite my recently-developed crowd phobia, only to be told that I couldn't do my LHE treatments today due to the sun exposure I had during my recent trip to the beach.

It would have been helpful if I was actually given that piece of information when we scheduled the appointment last week, don't you think? :/

So I had to ring my husband who had just reached home to come pick me up again.

While waiting for my ride, I wanted some Baskin-Robbins ice cream real bad and the only thing that stopped me from getting it was my unwillingness to walk all the way to new wing.

To curb my cravings, I had another big plate of dumplings when I got home, and washed them down with a bottle of coke. Not forgetting the super-sinful but oh-so-good salted egg yolk pastry with lotus paste mum bought for me.

I went straight to bed after my jumbo snack, and only woke up in time for this dinner Bee's parents were throwing for some close relatives.

A 10-course dinner with crabs, abalone, butter prawns, and lots of bad cholesterol later, I'm now sitting in my bed thinking about the Baskin-Robbins ice cream I didn't have this afternoon.

It's no wonder that I can't zip up my favourite skinny jeans anymore. :|

Saturday, November 08, 2008

So, Missed Me?

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth.

My parents were in town for a week, so Bee and I were busy playing host and taking them around.

They flew back to Swan City this morning, and I'm missing them already. It's funny how you always feel like your personal space is robbed when your parents are visiting because all of a sudden, you're a kid to be nagged again; but the moment they leave, you can't help but miss their presence (and nagging).

I spent my afternoon catching up on sleep. Bee spent his catching up on his anime and games.

Coincidentally, it's our 3-month wedding anniversary today.

Bee was supposed to take me out for dinner, but we're both suffering from crowd phobia after spending a whole week in shopping malls and traffic jams.

So we stayed in, and he cooked me my favourite aglio olio spaghetti with prawns and mushroom sausages. Yum!

Happy 3rd wedding monthiversary, baby. You're my rock!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Updates in A Nutshell

  • We have a few dinners to attend this week, and I've been busy scouting for evening dresses at the last minute, hence the lack of updates.
  • My gastro-reflux isn't getting any better, I'm considering doing a test for Helicobacter Pylori. How exciting! :|
  • For the first time in my life, I watched a movie all by myself on Tuesday. It felt a little odd, but not as bad as I imagined it to be. I still can't eat out alone though.
  • I've been drinking Berocca every morning to boost energy. But for some weird reasons, it makes me extra tired and sleepy that I often doze off not long after I down the orangey fizzy drink. :/
  • Bee and I had a HUGE fight during the week. I locked him out of our room for the whole night.
  • I'm too lazy to drag my butt outta the door, yet I have this constant urge to shop. My indigestion is really bad, yet my body craves for food like a bottomless pit. Clearly, I have issues.
  • My parents will be in town for a surprise visit. They're arriving tomorrow, so we'll be busy taking them around next week.
  • I've been watching way too much America's Next Top Model and The Rachel Zoe Project that I'm starting to consider a career in fashion. Anyone needs a stylist? Haha.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What Are You Wearing on Your Nails?

For me, nothing.

They're completely naked.

After months of being obsessed with perfectly manicured nails (rebound effect from repression when I was working?), I've decided to remove all nail polishes and have my nails clipped really really short.

Have you ever just, out of nowhere, started feeling really paranoid about germs accumulating underneath your nails?

Well, that's what happened to me.

And also because I've been told off for licking my fingers (after eating) when there's nail polish on my nails. :/

So here are my bare nails:

They do look a little sad, don't they? :(

I'll admit that I'm still tempted whenever I walk past a nail saloon. I sure do miss getting my nails pampered and painted into gorgeous shades of colours, but I guess it's time to let them rest for a bit.

So now, tell me, what are you wearing on your nails?

Go ahead and make me jealous, gals. *Grins*

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Easy, Girl!

Yesterday, I decided to leave my self-pity self at home and head out to the mall.

An over-ordering lunch at TGI Fridays, an entertaining afternoon movie, and lots of shopping later, I remembered how fun it is to just hang out and chill.

But of course, shopping would've been even funner if Aussie dollar hadn't taken a dive, resulting in me having to think twice now everytime before I whip out my plastic. :/

Bee and I had takeaway sushi and sashimi for dinner, after which I fell asleep watching America's Next Top Model.

A growling stomach woke me up at 3am, so I sneaked downstairs and made myself a cup of tea. The chocolate brownie that Bee's parents brought back from their recent trip to Indonesia was SO good that I literally licked the plate clean!

Satisfyingly fed, I continued to sleep through till noon today and woke up feeling much more positive.

So maybe that's the formula to an happier life - shop more, eat more, sleep more, and think less.

If only my head listens to me all the time.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feel Good Tricks

So I've been feeling real blah lately.

I have no reason to, but I feel like crap. Someone please slap me!

I think I need some pick-me-up's.

What is the one thing that always manages to cheer you up and lift your spirit?

Pray do share. Or just bitchslap me outta my sorry self. :/

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Mum went for her quarter-yearly checkup today.

The results of both MRI scan and blood tests came back normal.

It's a huge relief.

Every. Single. Time.

I'm thankful, Lord. I really am.

Please, let me keep her.

Friday, October 17, 2008


That pretty much sums up how I feel.

In length, it can be described as - Unmotivated. Tired. Bored. Frustrated. Sick. Depressed. Idle. Anxious. Blue. Dull.

In short - blah.

Not even "blah!", just "blah..". If you know what I mean.

For the past few weeks, I've been feeling so lethargic and lack of energy that I just can't be bothered with anything. Nothing really excites me, and nothing sparks my interest at all.

Normally a good hearty (read: sinful) meal provides certain degree of comfort during time like this, but my gastro-reflux has been so bad that I can barely keep food down.

I can't eat. I can't sleep. And I'm constantly tired.

I almost feel like my spirit is defeated.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Youtube Makeup Gurus

When I first got back to Malaysia, I was doing a really good job sticking to my promise of not hoarding up any unnecessary cosmetics. And I didn't miss the makeup collection (including my MAC brushes) I left behind in Melbourne at all.

Then I started watching makeup tutorials and haul videos on Youtube, and the effort just went down the drain.

The itch that I didn't wanna scratch, refused to be ignored any longer.

So I thought I'd share with you girls a few of my favourite makeup gurus on Youtube, and see if I can bring some of you down with me. *Winks*

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here they are:

A down to earth and soft spoken girl with a beautiful smile. She's great with using inexpensive and drugstore makeups.

Just like her fun and bubbly personality, Leesha's tutorials mainly consist of bright and colourful eye makeups.

Fabulous retro and vintage makeup tutorials, love the music choices too! Amy is an Aussie, which makes it great since I can relate more to the products she uses.

Did anyone else notice that some of Elessa's videos of late had gotten a little "commercialised"? But still, awesome hair and makeup tutorials, and she's such a pretty gal.

It's a little weird watching a guy putting makeup on himself, I must admit. But Koren's got some really good makeup tips and DIY ideas, eg. depotting eyeshadows, pigment pressing, etc.

A very pretty blonde who can pull off even the craziest makeup effortlessly. She doesn't speak in her tutorials, which is a shame, but her dramatic eye makeups with daring and bright colours are absolutely gorgeous!

She uses a wide range of products and has some great makeup tips. Definitely worth checking out.

A trip to MAC, anyone? :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's About Time!

Government Guarantees All Bank Deposits
20:24 AEST Sun Oct 12 2008

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has taken unprecedented action to safeguard Australia's banking system, placing the nation on a war-like footing to deal with the global financial crisis.

After two days of crisis talks with senior ministers and bureaucrats, Mr Rudd announced a three-pronged plan to further ensure the stability of the Australian financial system, including a government guarantee for up to $700 billion in deposits.

The government also will guarantee the borrowings of Australian banks in international credit markets and extend a program to shore up the mortgage market through the purchase of an extra $4 billion in residential mortgage-backed securities.

The measures, Mr Rudd said, were "designed to help unclog the arteries of the global financial system".

While assuring Australia was well-placed to ride out the financial storm, Mr Rudd likened the current turmoil to a time of war.

"There will be many bumps in the road during the period ahead and the ride will not be smooth," he told reporters.

"We are in the economic equivalent of a rolling national security crisis and the challenges are great."

The government is bracing the nation for higher unemployment and softer growth as the market ructions continue on an unchartered trajectory.

"This global financial crisis has entered a new and dangerous phase with real consequences for growth, for jobs and, therefore, for the future," he said.

The government announcement came as the Group of 20 (G20) rich and emerging countries endorsed the use of all available means to deal with the global economic troubles.

However, the G20, like the Group of Seven (G7) global powers, failed to set out a specific plan to help restore confidence in international markets.

All eyes will be on the opening of the Australian sharemarket after stocks plummeted eight per cent on Friday, their second biggest fall on record.

The government measures are likely to bolster financial stocks but market watchers are unwilling to take bets on what will happen in such uncertain times.

Commsec chief economist Craig James said the share market was driven by sentiment rather than fundamentals at the moment.

"The futures market is pointing to a gain of 27 points but it's still very hard to predict," he said.

"Investors haven't been given a lot of confidence by the wishy-washy statement coming from the G7, it's short on specifics."

Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull welcomed the government guarantee on bank deposits and promised to help ensure the passage of any necessary legislation through the parliament.

"It's a very important step and we will undertake to give the government every assistance in ensuring that the necessary legislation will pass through the parliament promptly," he told reporters.

Despite his call for bipartisanship, Mr Turnbull claimed credit for the government's strategy.

The move follows his claims last week that he was responsible for the banks' decision to pass on to mortgage holders 80 per cent of a Reserve Bank cash rate cut.

"The deposit guarantee and the further investment in the mortgage were recommended by us so we are delighted the government is doing this," Mr Turnbull told the Seven Network.

"They should be looking at everything that is why ... we are so keen to sit down and talk to them about this in a constructive, bipartisan way."

Mr Rudd indicated treasury officials would brief Mr Turnbull on the most recent government plan.

From Sunday, the government will guarantee all deposits - up from a previous cap of $20,000 - in Australian banks, building societies, credit unions and Australian subsidiaries of foreign-owned banks.

"I don't want to see unnecessary anxiety out there in the Australian community as ordinary Australians watch the bad news unfold on their television screens from overseas each night," Mr Rudd told the Seven Network.

The government will also guarantee the borrowings of Australian banks so that they can compete on level terms with international competitors.

"Australian banks, despite the fact that their balance sheets are in excellent shape, now have to compete with these foreign banks for funding on global financial markets," Mr Rudd said.

"As prime minister of Australia, I will not stand idly by while Australian banks are disadvantaged in international credit market places because of the actions taken by foreign governments in support of them."

Courtesy of National Nine News

Finally, something positive.

I was THIS close to withdrawing all my fixed term deposits.

It remains to be seen whether Rudd's action is enough to salvage the share market from the worst Australia has seen since the 1987 Crash.

Many are doubtful. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Read the Prime Minister's Media Release here.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Net-A-Porter Free Shipping Worldwide

I'm sure most of my Aussie girlfriends share my pain.

Having net-a-porter offering free shipping at the moment is like a slap in the face.

The excitement of finally getting that promotional code we've been holding out for just gets eroded away due to the stupid exchange rate.

Aussie dollar came crashing down over the past week, hitting a five-year low. 6 months ago, Australian dollar was trading at a glorious US$ 98 cents; as the market closed on Friday, it is now trading at US$ 65 cents.

Travel plans and holidays are being put on hold (there goes my much anticipated trip to US of A), and shopping bans are in order to curb expenditure.

The gloomy cloud of a looming worldwide recession is shrouding our hopeless addiction to fashion and beauty.

I guess it's a good thing that the fuchsia ostrich leather Mulberry Bayswater bag is sold out then.

I should just turn off my laptop and go to sleep, hoping that Aussie dollar comes back stronger when the market re-opens on Monday.

Later, alligators.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Crikey! Aussie Dollar!

Australian dollar has been plummeting faster than one can say, "Crikey! What's going on?!"

I feel so broke.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I don't understand.

Why do I have to choose between having a career that I love, and being around people whom I love?

I love my family and Bee and I love being with them, but why does it still feel like there is something missing?

Whilst it's fun and stress-free to be able to sleep in everyday and not worry about work, I can't help but feel that there is a void in my heart.

Even when my life is filled with love, a part of me feels empty.

I miss having a fulfilling career that makes me wake up every morning feeling that I'm gonna make a difference today. I miss that job satisfaction I get when I finish work everyday knowing that I've done well.

I love my job and I'm good at it. I just wish that I could do what I love to do, and go home to the people I love when I get off work at the end of each day.

Is that too much to ask for? Am I being greedy?

Sure working in Malaysia is always an option, but the working environment and ethics are a world's apart from what I'm used to. And that is something I'm not ready to compromise.

People tell me that I'll get used to how things work around here eventually, but I won't, and I don't want to.

I've always been a person of strong principles and a hard hard head since young, I'm not about to change now.

Work is about passion, so how do you budge when it's something you're passionate about?

And maybe that's my problem, my unwillingness to compromise, my inability to adapt.

Maybe I should just accept that life as a responsible adult is not about having your cake and eat it too.

Maybe I'm just not meant to have it all.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Makeup Junkie

Every little girl grows up playing with her mother's makeup, wishing that someday we get to wear the big gal's lipstick too.

And when we finally get to wear however much makeup we want, some of us just can't wait to get out of it.

Well, for me, anyway.

When I started working, one of the thing I dreaded doing everyday was putting on my makeup. I'd often trade looking fabulous (plus breakfast) for that extra 5-10 minutes in bed.

Makeup had become such a chore that it just wasn't fun anymore. I find myself breathing a sigh of relief on my off days, simply for the fact that my skin feels like it can finally breath freely.

Now that I'm back in Malaysia, I'm more than happy to parade around the town with a bare face on most days. Unlike Melbourne where almost every girl dresses to kill in the city, here I don't have to be constantly self conscious and worry about looking like a complete train wreck without any makeup on even when I'm just doing my grocery shopping.

With this heat and humidity, my skin just feels suffocated whenever there is any product on it. And I trust any local gal with oily/combination skin to tell me that no matter how good the quality is, makeup will melt/smudge/smear to a certain degree in this crazy weather.

So I'm really most comfortable not wearing any makeup at all when I don't have to. Which is precisely the reason I left almost my entire makeup collection in Melbourne, thinking that I won't be needing them much.

And I don't, I really don't. On some days, I step out of the door without so much as a lip gloss on, and I haven't touched my eyelash curler in more than 2 weeks.

Then why is it that I can't stop thinking about buying more and more makeups?!

And this is after I vowed (multiple times, might I add) to never again hoard up unnecessary beauty products I don't use.

It's no wonder they say men are hunters and women are collectors.

Somebody please explain to me why do we girls need hundreds of eyeshadow and lip colours when we only have two eyes and one mouth?

It's an addiction, I'm telling ya.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bargain Haul: Bags

Watch out, people! The fast and cheap shopper was at work again!

I only remembered in the late afternoon that today was the last day of Robinsons' 1st Anniversary Sale.

On the way to pick up dinner, I asked to be dropped off at Gardens for a bit.

Bee circled around the block, and when he came back to pick me up after a brief 10 minutes, I was already standing at the entrance of Robinsons with my shopping bag. Talk about efficiency huh?

I think I pretty much just rushed in and grabbed the first decent thing I saw on my way to the cashier. Not the most enjoyable way to shop, but very effective to minimise the damage. *Winks*

I got myself two very simple bags, and they're both 50% off!

Since I left most of my bags in Melbourne, I need something inexpensive and fun for everyday use. Something I don't have to worry about tossing it around or leaving it on the floor, and these are perfect!

The white tote is a little plain, yes. But it can be easily accessorized with a scarf or some cute blingy dangly charms.

I like how big and roomy it is! And you guys know how much I love large oversized bags that I can just throw everything in, which probably contributed to my back pain. :/

The metallic grey bag is slightly smaller, but I like the simple and casual design.

(Somehow the colour doesn't show up right in the picture, it's actually much darker in real life.)

I like bags that open wide at the top so I can easily see all the contents.

The other good thing is, unlike some large totes (such as the notorious Chloe Paddington) that weighs a tonne just by itself, these are really light! So I can actually fit more things in without putting too much burden on my shoulder and back.

I can already see us spending lots of time together. :)