Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kitty or Mousey?

Of recent week, my typical breakfast consists of:
  • A pot of Earl Grey tea
  • Meat jerky the size of my face
  • Salted egg yolk pastry with lotus paste
It will be no time before my cholesterol goes through the roof and my thighs become twice the size of what they used to be, but it's such a satisfying (albeit wrong) way to start a day, innit?

And I use the term "breakfast" loosely, it's usually way past noon when I have my first meal of the day.

Today, I had it at 2pm.

What was then supposed to be a quiet Sunday in to please the hermit in me turned out to be not so quiet afterall when Bee suggested that we should go see this showhouse on the hill all the way across town. Or maybe he just wanted to get me out of the house so I don't binge on junk food all day. Hmm.

The view was nerve soothing sans the sight of old and unmaintained condos nearby, the price was pretty decent considering it had a pool and everything, but having lived on this side of town where everything is close by and easy to get to, a different postcode just somehow feels a little foreign.

Can you imagine having to travel double the distance just to get to your usual shopping malls?

Speaking of shopping, here is my star buy from the weekend - a pink ears headband with lights!

Without lights

With lights

A little childish, yes, but I simply adore the pale shade of pink when the lights are on. In the dark, it's absolutely gorgeous!

I got a little too excited over it that I started wearing it in the middle of a busy shopping mall on a Saturday night. It attracted quite some attention, I must say, especially from the playground. A little girl stared at me for the longest time before turning to her mother and said, "I want that too." Haha!

Bee's normally pretty used to me acting like an 8 year-old, but he gave me a firm "NO" when I suggested him wearing the green ones. *Shrugs*

Don't worry, sweetie, I'm not about to go cuckoo and wear this out on a normal day or when I run down to the grocery store. This is just to add a little more fun for those special occasions, e.g. trick-or-treating during Halloween, birthday parties, Christmas Eve, countdown on New Year's Eve, and of course, those RARE days when I feel slightly crazy. :D

To make it better, it's only RM5! It really doesn't get any cheaper than that huh? I remember paying AUD25 for my devil horns in Apple Isle, and now I feel so ripped off.

I initially thought these were kitty ears, but Bee thought I looked more like a little mouse wearing it.

So, what say you? Kitty? Or mousey?

10 left a petal:

fuzkittie said...

Very cute~~ I love those yolk pastries!!! Technically, you can eat anything you want for breakfast and be okay, it's better than eating junk for dinner.

Josephine said...

I love earl grey tea! But my dear does not allow me to drink too much. He said is not good for girls.

I will choose mousey!

sab said...

mousey! and it's sooo cute!

breakfast at 2pm? just think of it as breakfast and lunch for other people, so i think a huge meal is okay. :)

Lila said...

I think mousey too!

Btw I miss seeing your shopping buys. Please show us more. What did you buy from the Metrojaya sale?

prettybeautiful said...

mousey definitely. kitties are not for me. sigh. now my breakfast is nv later than 9. my stomach will start killing me if no input after 2 hrs im awake!

Doreen said...

Haha, so cute the little pink ears! Reminds me of Disneyland somehow. Wear it and show us!

emotionalistic said...

I will say it's mousey :). And i think i will never wear it around the shopping mall :P. Probably at home.....;)

Che-Cheh said...

Ahh very cute.

I'll say mousey. :)

MisSmall said...

Fuzkittie: The thing is, I eat junk for lunch and dinner too. And supper! *Gasps*

Josephine: I can't think of why tea would be for girls though. :/

Sab: But I have 5 meals (of junk) a day, regardless of what time I wake up and have my breakfast. *Blushes*

Lila: Haha. Sure sure, I'll try to take some pictures of them soon yeah? The shopping bags are still sitting around, somewhere. :P

MisSmall said...

Prettybeautiful: Me too. I used to be able to skip breakfast, but nowadays, I have to be fed soon after after I get up. I only wake up around 2pm these days, hence the late breakfast. :P

Doreen: Asian Minnie Mouse? Haha.

Emotionalistic: Haha. It was one of my "slightly crazy" days.

Che-Cheh: Looks like it's mousey all across the board!