Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bargain Haul: Factory Outlet Store (F.O.S.)

Since my Ringgit is running low lately, I've had to seek other means to satiate the shopaholic in me. In the process of doing so, yours truly is proud to announce that she's rediscovered the joy of bargain shopping! ^_^

On the way to dinner with Bee the other day, I stumbled into Factory Outlet Store @ One Utama, which I've never paid much attention to. To my surprise, it's actually a great place for bargain shopping and basic pieces.

I got myself a black tank top by American Eagle Outfitters, and a pair of hot pants in white. Pardon me for playing safe, I tend to stick to the basics whenever I explore a new store. Haha.

They're both very soft and comfortable. I especially like the little pink polka dot details on the inner rim of my new hot pants.

I also found this really cute Old Navy hoodie for my friend's new baby boy. He was born a few weeks ago, and I'll get to see him when I'm back in Melbourne next year.

He might not need a sweater at the moment as it's gonna be summer in Oz soon, so I got the hoodie in a slighter bigger size. I think this one is meant for babies around 6-12 months? Hopefully when I give this to him, it'll be just right for his size and the weather.

Oh I love dressing up babies! They're like dolls, only cuter. (Okay, that's such a politically incorrect statement.)

And now, the best part of bargain shopping - the price.

All these *drum rolls*, for less than RM100! What a bargain huh? *Does a little victory dance*

It's only a mini haul this time round as we were running late for dinner. But now that I've found a new place to shop for less and stretch our Ringgit further, rest assured that I'll be back. Very soon. Haha.

(In fact, I went back the very next day and got a pair of drawstring pants for Bee. Hehe.)

So, what's your best bargain buys lately?

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Doreen said...

My best bargain buy lately is not buying anything. Hahahaha.

Tine said...

Bravo! I love FOS and their cheap tees :)

My best bargain? A pair of Ipanema flip flops for $15. Not cheap when you convert, but cheap here :)

Che-Cheh said...

Reject Shop is not bad too if you want to find bargain clothes.

My latest best bargain is a RM10 bare back top and a RM10 'genie-like' pink shorts (very cute). Bought at a Thai fair.

iamthewitch said...

Oh I love FOS too! And yes, I'm also into bargain shopping these days. I found the perfect shopping place for me in Alamanda recently, an Esprit outlet store, selling off-seasons Esprit clothes but at 50-70% of the price! :))

emotionalistic said...

No bargain buy for me lately. Maybe i should walk-in to F.O.S. this weekend and see what I can get out from there :) too.

fuzkittie said...

Oh man, no bargains for me lately... :/

MisSmall said...

Doreen: Haha. That's a good one! And very true too. :D

Tine: Nowadays you can't really get anything for AU$15 in Melbourne anymore. So well done, gal! ^_^

Che-Cheh: Ooo..RM20 for a top and a pair of shorts is indeed a great bargain! Well done well done! :)

MisSmall said...

Iamthewitch: Alamanda in Putrajaya? 50-70% sounds like a great deal even for off-seasons clearance! Too bad I'm not a fan of Esprit's, otherwise I'll be making my way there right now. Haha.

Emotionalistic: You should you should. If you look carefully, there are actually many good buys to be found. Good luck! ^_^

Fuzkittie: You're forgetting your gorgeous haircut for US$25. Now that's a great bargain! :)