Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My First Poll

This blog started off as a personal space for my everyday ramblings and rants. I write just about anything that comes across my mind as my fingers flow over the keyboard. Most of the time, they're just ramblings and words that don't even make much sense.

Which is why I was rather (pleasantly) surprised when some readers started commenting or emailing me their requests for certain topics, e.g. shopping finds, review of certain products, recommendations, etc..

(For those of you who did, I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to some of you, I've been lazy occupied, but I promise I'll get on to it as soon as I can.)

It got me thinking, what is it that you'd like to read more about?

So tada! My first very poll.

The poll will remain on the sidebar *points to the right -->* for a week and close sometime next Wednesday because I have no idea how to use this thing.

Please, do let me know your thoughts. I'd love to hear about them.

Many thanks in advance! :)

15 left a petal:

sdovelly said...

EVERYTHING!!! MisSmall, i like your way of writing, it's witty, sarcastic and funny. Keep up the good job gal, i will keep checking in :)

Lila said...

I like to see your shopping finds the most. You have good taste, I always like things you pick. But I like everything you write about too, MisSmall. I check your blog everyday!

Josephine said...

I would like to see your photos...

sab said...

yay! personally i love a mix and match of everything. :)

Anonymous said...

i like the pics u post

i like to see reviews of showrooms :)

emotionalistic said...

Can I vote for more than one topic? :P

fuzkittie said...

The first time I tried on the colored contact lenses, my sight was blurry... I'm wearing it currently for the third time and it's completely fine! The tear lenses definitely make my eyesight more blurry~ You should try it again!! I'm considering getting even more natural looking colors

renaye said...

hmm... any topic is fine with me. u can always have a mixture of everything. :D

oh dear. u missed the flight?! so did u manage to get another ticket?

foongpc said...

Oh, write about anything under the sun! I just think your blog tend to cater more for female readers, no? But in a way good also, I can learn a thing or two. Haha!

cbenc12 said...

aww.. y did u disabled for new comments in the older post? i have been busy and dint hav time to visit earlier on and couldnt comment now :(
anywya, i like reading ur blog as i can relate sometimes and well, you do write very well and interestingly!

iamthewitch said...

I have voted! I am still waiting for your next post. :P And yes, I would love to see more pictures of you ;)

Josephine said...

Hey, long time no update d.
U must be very busy lately.
Missing you here.
Btw, got u an award, do check out ya.

MisSmall said...

Sdovelly: Aww shucks! *Blushes* Thank you for such kind compliments, gal. I can only hope that I don't disappoint. :)

Lila: *Blushes again* Aww, you girls are too kind. :)

Josephine: Haha. Now that's something I'm afraid I can't do, hun. I'm already paranoid enough as it is that someone I know will find out about my blog. Gives me chills just thinking about it. :x

Sab: Then you've come to the right place, darl! My blog is EXACTLY that. A little bit of everything and a whole bunch of nothing. Haha!

MisSmall said...

Anonymous: Um, thanks. But I don't think I've ever posted (or know anything about) review of "showrooms"? Sorry. :(

Emotionalistic: Greedy, aren't we? Haha. (Psst, actually, you can. Or maybe I should say, could.) Sorry about the late reply yeah? :P

Fuzkittie: I used to wear a lot of coloured contact lenses back in uni, but it never got any less blurry for me, which is why I eventually stopped. I've been so tempted to try out circle lenses though!

Renaye: Yeah, I think I'm most comfortable with writing a little bit of everything and a whole bunch of nothing. Hehe.

MisSmall said...

Foongpc: Haha. I don't think I have a grasp of what male readers are interested in reading about. Everything that my husband (assuming he represents the target male readers) doesn't interest me the slightest bit. We might have a problem, huh? :P

Cbenc12: Oops, I did it again. *Does a Britney bit* Old habit. Sorry, gal. Next time (if I do it again), just leave your comment under a new post yeah? :D

Iamthewitch: Sorry it was a bit of a wait, gal. I've been real busy. :)

Josephine: Aww, I missed blogging too. :) Thanks for the award, gal. Will do the tag soon.