Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Sunday of Gluttony

I slept for 12 hours straight last night and woke up feeling slightly recharged today.

After having a big plate of pork dumplings for lunch, I decided to keep my facial appointment even though it was raining cats and dogs outside.

Bee drove me to 1U, I ran through the car park in rain and braced a shopping mall full of weekenders despite my recently-developed crowd phobia, only to be told that I couldn't do my LHE treatments today due to the sun exposure I had during my recent trip to the beach.

It would have been helpful if I was actually given that piece of information when we scheduled the appointment last week, don't you think? :/

So I had to ring my husband who had just reached home to come pick me up again.

While waiting for my ride, I wanted some Baskin-Robbins ice cream real bad and the only thing that stopped me from getting it was my unwillingness to walk all the way to new wing.

To curb my cravings, I had another big plate of dumplings when I got home, and washed them down with a bottle of coke. Not forgetting the super-sinful but oh-so-good salted egg yolk pastry with lotus paste mum bought for me.

I went straight to bed after my jumbo snack, and only woke up in time for this dinner Bee's parents were throwing for some close relatives.

A 10-course dinner with crabs, abalone, butter prawns, and lots of bad cholesterol later, I'm now sitting in my bed thinking about the Baskin-Robbins ice cream I didn't have this afternoon.

It's no wonder that I can't zip up my favourite skinny jeans anymore. :|

12 left a petal:

cbenc12 said... some exercise the next day to get rid of the guilt? :D

sdovelly said...

i do this all the time, over eating-over sleeping-and over for everything under the sun whenever i'm on holiday! It's ok stil lotsa space for you...hehe

Doreen said...

I'm sure you would be able to get back in shape in no time once you start working. By the way, what is LHE?

sab said...

but it's the weekend! i'm sure that's allowed. haha!

Josephine said...

No, I gained weight ever since I started working.
After lunch, I sit only. That's y got big tummy.

prettybeautiful said...

hahaha i und. but isn't food the best comforting stuff ever?

foongpc said...

I feel like having some Baskin Robbins too! It must be really a gluttony day for you! : )

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

"A moment on the lips. Forever on the hips."

Feel free to slap me now =p

renaye said...

wow. u know i have been eating a lot [bad and good fats] but i still lose weight until i can put a fist into my waist while wearing my fav pants. and i don't seem to put on weight if i eat lots of nutrition or good food. somewhere in my digestive organs must have gotten stuck ...

but i would love to eat baskin robin ice cream. but not now since i'm having a bad cough since september. :(

hehe... if only i can continue to dream to see what is the ending to my dream espionage. :D

emotionalistic said...

I'm slowly getting out of shape too. I always get hungry every time i start to study :P.

MisSmall said...

Cbenc12: I haven't touched my elliptical trainer for months! If only there's a way to lose all those extra layers of fat by sitting on our butts huh? Haha.

Sdovelly: I know! I guess my obsessive compulsive personality pushes me to overdo everything easily. It's good to know that I'm not the only one though. :P

Doreen: It's the Light & Heat Energy treatment which is supposed to stimulate skin collagen to diminish signs of aging and even out skintone? I have no idea what it actually does and how it works, I just got talked into buying the package since I have this weird disability to say no to sales people. :/

Sab: But but but, this is a daily occurrence. :|

Josephine: I know what you mean. I always look forward to lunch when I work, and I tend to overeat to reward myself whenever work gets stressful. :/

MisSmall said...

Prettybeautiful: YES IT IS! Especially those really sinful fattening ones! Damn.

Foongpc: The thing is, gluttony is not an once-off event, it happens on a daily basis for me. I have no self control. :|

The Constantly Dramatic One: Oh trust me, with the size of my arse now, you'd rather I slap ya than me sitting on you. Haha.

Renaye: I used to be able to eat a whole cow by myself and not put on any weight too. Sadly, that's a thing of the past and now I put on weight before I even finish my meal. Haha.
You might wanna get that cough (and the unusual weight loss) checked, gal. :)

Emotionalistic: That happens to me too whenever I need to study! And my brother used to get diarrhea whenever he was asked to do his homework. Haha! I guess our bodies convince us that we need to do something else to avoid the stress from actually studying. :D