Saturday, September 23, 2006

Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM

I fell in love with this bag instantly when I tried it on in Singapore.

Initially, Bee and I went to the LV store on Orchard Road to check out the Speedy 30 I wanted. While waiting to be served, my eyes wondered off and spotted the Manhattan PM on top of the shelf.

The sales lady took it down for me, and I fell in love with it right away when I held it in my hand.

You gotta love a bag designed by Marc Jacobs! It's definitely one of the must-have items in the LV Monogram Canvas line.

Manhattan PM

I especially like the two outer gusseted pockets with flaps and the golden brass press lock. It's no secret that I love my bags with lots of pockets.

It's a hand held bag, so one might be afraid of leaving finger marks on the leather handles. Best way to avoid this is to give the bag a tan first (not directly under sunlight though) so that the pale beige leather turns into that gorgeous honey colour we normally see.

The Manhattan PM measures 11" L x 8.3" H x 5.5" W, a tad smaller than the Manhattan GM (15" L x 10.2" H x 5.5" W). I love the Manhattan GM for its functional storage spaces for phone, wallet, accessories, and documents, but I'd think the PM is more suitable for my petite frame.

Oh well, if I had extra cash later, I can always get both of them huh? Haha.

Manhattan GM

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Jemima said...

Nice bag but can't afford it now.. just bought A Gucci to cheer myself up.

MisSmall said...

Jemima: Good on ya, girl! I need retail therapy to cheer me up too. :(

tuktoyaktuk said...

Do you find the Speedy 30 a tad big? I did so I got the 25 and I love it to death even if its super ex :( The manhattan is cute though but for the prices of LV at the moment, I think my poor pockets have to pass.

MisSmall said...

Tuktoyaktuk: Yeah, I felt the same about Speedy 30. And I had the same problem with a Coach bag I really liked! Ugh, blame it on our small frames huh?

LV adjusts their prices every year, and it's always going up. Bugger!

tuktoyaktuk said...

Yeah LV prices go up at least 10% every year = crazy! Worse than inflation rate! :P

Ellen said...

I just got this bag and love it to death!!!! it gets lots of looks while my little papillion never did.

MisSmall said...

Tuktoyaktuk: That's why our pay can never catch up fast enough. :/

Ellen: Congrats, hun. It's definitely a winner compared to papillion, but a girl can never have too many bags huh? :)

Anonymous said...

I love this bag. It's gorgeous but I afraid that the golden brass press lock might get scratches after sometimes. Anyone has this problem before??

My LV tate PM has this problem. The plate in front is slightly scratched. That is Why i am drawing back myself from getting LV Manhattan and LV Sistina.

Did anyone has this same kind of problem/experienced on your LV bags before??

Regards Mili86

Mary said...

I have one LV purse and that's my most treasured purse:) I just love LV. It's hip and trendy and super cool. Girls' ultimate dream bag is LV. Agree?

louis vuitton

Leah said...

Hey, do you guys prefer the PM or GM?

@Ellen, which one do you have? PM or GM?

Elliott Broidy said...

I love it.