Friday, September 01, 2006

A Hundred Things I Love About You

Once upon a time, when my Bee was still a sweet romantic *hints hints*, he made me this little booklet. He took the effort to cut little squares outta colour papers and compile them into "A Hundred Reasons Why I Love You". On each page, he wrote a reason that makes him love me more everyday.

It was one of the sweetest gestures anyone has ever done for me.

This is the 100th post of my/our blog, and I'm dedicating it to the man who still makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world.

Here are 100 things I love about you, babee.

1. I love that you love me.

2. I love knowing that I can be myself with you.

3. I love how we met and fell in love.

4. I love the little sweet things you do.

5. I love the way you smell.

6. I love that you still open car doors for me.

7. I love laughing with you about our silly jokes.

8. I love that you are a geek and I'm technology incompatible.

9. I love how you always reach for my hand when you drive.

10. I love how good looking you are.

11. I love how we always happen to think about the same thing at the same time.

12. I love that you always make sure you walk on the outer side of the road.

13. I love the muscles on your arms.

14. I love that you are a perfect gentleman.

15. I love it when you shower me with kisses and hugs.

16. I love you piggybacking me.

17. I love your manners.

18. I love that you never remember our monthiversaries but always feel bad when reminded.

19. I love how your kisses make me weak in the knees.

20. I love that you love my baby talk, which you had absolutely hated all your life.

21. I love humo.

22. I love that you actually sat in the toilet of our room at Hilton for the whole night when you thought it was over between us.

23. I love the way you looked at me when you asked me for a chance to love me even if I had to be with someone else.

24. I love kissing you.

25. I love cuddling with you.

26. I love enjoying food with you.

27. I love how cute you look when you wake up in the morning.

28. I love to hear you say I-love-you's.

29. I love to tell you that I love you.

30. I love how you always support my decisions and choices in life.

31. I love how you have such patience with me.

32. I love knowing that I can talk to you about anything and everything.

33. I love you calling me all kinds of sweet/weird nicknames.

34. I love that you love me calling you sweet/weird nicknames.

35. I love the little boy in you who loves toys and games.

36. I love the man in you who wants to look after me.

37. I love that you call me everyday when we are apart.

38. I love how we can still just talk for hours.

39. I love that you are always so understanding.

40. I love that you never seem to get mad with me.

41. I love falling asleep in your arms.

42. I love waking up next to you.

43. I love how we wrestle to tickle each other.

44. I love that you're a man of few words.

45. I love how comfortable we are around each other.

46. I love how you think I am perfect in your eyes.

47. I love how you try to save a copy of everything I've ever written to you.

48. I love our similarities.

49. I love our differences.

50. I love watching movies with you.

51. I love how smart you are.

52. I love knowing that you love me for being smart.

53. I love how we shower together like we've been doing it forever.

54. I love that you always want to pay for me.

55. I love your eyes.

56. I love the way you smile.

57. I love that you love my mum.

58. I love doing little things for you, like cutting your nails, digging your ears, putting toothpaste on your toothbrush, etc. etc..

59. I love knowing that you will always be there for me.

60. I love how we both like to make up our own new words.

61. I love your compliments.

62. I love going shopping with you.

63. I love how much you trust me.

64. I love it when you send me flowers.

65. I love how you listen to everything I have to say.

66. I love your wavy hair.

67. I love to flatten your rice before you eat it.

68. I love playing tricks on you.

69. I love how you tolerate my double standards.

70. I love that you let me mock you endlessly.

71. I love how you love everything I successfully make in the kitchen.

72. I love singing "Leaving on A Jet Plane" with you.

73. I love sitting on your laps when you are using the computer.

74. I love that you always let me hang up first before you put down the phone.

75. I love the way you smell my hair.

76. I love your sweet talk.

77. I love to watch you eat.

78. I love how we can discuss about things in life.

79. I love that my family loves you too.

80. I love that you now like anything associated with monkeys simply because they remind you of me.

81. I love how you went to get those beads that spell our names and carry it around with your keys.

82. I love your stinky breath in the morning.

83. I love how you nag me to eat healthily.

84. I love how you would entertain my do-you-love-me questions everyday.

85. I love how you tease me.

86. I love how cute you sound when you try to speak Mandarin.

87. I love it when you feed me.

88. I love how much you appreciate me.

89. I love that you are careful and I'm careless.

90. I love how I fit perfectly into the "slot" on you when we hug.

91. I love how we share each other's secrets.

92. I love your sincerity and honesty.

93. I love how it makes me smile whenever I think of you.

94. I love it when you carry things for me.

95. I love that you hold my hands wherever we go.

96. I love how you leave most decisions to me.

97. I love that you acknowledge the importance of open communication in a relationship.

98. I love it when you promised me that you will always take my side no matter what happens.

99. I love that we have great chemistry in almost everything.

100. I love that we are best friends.

Bee, I know that we've been having kind of a rough patch lately and neither of us is exactly at our happiest place in life at the moment, but I also know that we are stronger than this.

No matter how bad things get, you've always been the one reason that I am thankful for my life everyday and I wouldn't wanna trade places with anyone. I hope I am the same to you.

I love you, whole-heartedly.

8 left a petal:

Eternity said...

i know this is a personal posting to your better half and by commenting, i may be intruding...but i just have to say how sweet your list is! i didn't think i'd read thru the whole 100 but i did!

MisSmall said...

Eternity: Oh not at all, hun. Your comments are always most welcomed on this blog, so don't be silly. :)

You read through the whole list?! Aww you're such a sweetheart. I'm not even sure my Bee will finish reading every single one of them. Haha.

Nicholas said...

I cant believe i went through all of it either.

Sweet :)

Mister T said...

Whoaaa!! I guess I've now got an extra reason to love u, princess!! I guess there're 101 reasons why I love ya huh! :) I have no idea how u managed to figure up 100 reasons..but u did. If I recalled correctly...the 100 reasons I gave u had some similar repeats between them. heh. I still remembered how u read thru them n flagged the similar ones out! Lol. Does that mean u have more reasons to love me? :)

But seriously, thanks for being there when I needed u, bee..n for not giving up on us when the going got tough. Ur still my numero uno.

N I do luv ya...with or without this 100 reason dedication!

PS: Did u check ur email? I sent u the logo.

Dancing Queen said...

I read all your 100 reasons and I think you're so sweet to each other. Reminds me alot about me and my hubby. Particularly like No. 53! :-)

MisSmall said...

Nicholas: Thanks! I didn't think that any guy would bother finish reading these things. :P

Mister T: It only means that I'm much much muchhhh sweeter than you are, honey. Haha. I love you too, bee.

Dancing Queen: It always amazes me how some couples manage to stay in love even after they've been married for years. I guess you're one of the very few lucky ones. :)

chloe said...

aww, this is so sweet. all i can say is congrats on what u 2 have together.

MisSmall said...

Chloe: Thanks, gal. :)