Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Colours of Chanel 2.55

Yes, I did recommend the black Chanel 2.55 as a wardrobe staple every girl should have, and I stand by it.

But today, let us indulge a little in other lovely colours this classic purse comes in.

First up, the white. High maintenance, but oh-so-beautiful! The white Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware simply melts my heart!

Personally, white looks best on the baby soft lambskin, but it's extremely impractical for lazybones like me because once it's scratched, there's no way to restore it to its original state. I must nail that thought into my head each time before I walk into Chanel so I won't fall into temptation.

White Chanel 2.55 with silver hardware

White Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware

Next, I heart baby pink with gold hardware. It's so feminine and effortlessly chic!

Chanel makes another shade of coral pink too, which is a stronger and brighter pink. But personally, the lighter shade of pink is a little more versatile and you'd probably get more use out of it.

Baby pink Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware

Baby pink Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware

For brighter colours, the green and yellow are so very hot this season.

However, as gorgeous as the colours are, I don't quite see myself getting a Chanel bag in these colours. If I were to spend that kind of money on a purse, it better be in a colour that's gonna stand the test of time instead of just a season. But of course, that's just me and my frugal self speaking.

Green Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware (Bottom right corner)

Yellow Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware

The red is lovely too, and will definitely stand out. Even more so since red accessories are must-have's this season. But again, I don't quite see myself rocking a red Chanel just yet.

Red Chanel 2.55 with gold hardware (Jumbo)

The Chanel Fall 2006 line features a Jersey red bag, but according to some, the material snags very easily.

Red Jersey Chanel 2.55 with silver hardware

Red Jersey Chanel 2.55

Last but not least, the plum (as seen on Mischa Barton in the picture below).

I'm usually not a big fan of purple, but THAT is a gorgeous gorgeous colour! To convert a purple-hater like me, Chanel certainly did a bloody good job. I gotta get myself one of those!

2 left a petal:

tuktoyaktuk said...

The one I was eyeing was chilli red lambskin - drools...

MisSmall said...

Tuktoyaktuk: I think the red one is very pretty too, but I just can't see how I can carry it off yet. :)