Saturday, January 27, 2007

I Wanna Kill Somebody

And the scary thing is, I have a very specific person in mind.


Monday, January 22, 2007

A Day at Tennis

Wen and I had a blast on Sunday at Melbourne Park, despite the heartbreak.

It was actually pretty crazy. In a really stupid way, might I add.

I can't believe we did half of the things we did over the weekend. But it was lots of fun! At the end of the day, it's all these silly things you do when you're young that you look back and smile on later in life.

The whole thing started on Saturday. If you're not bored by trivial details, read on.

It's nothing of great significance, really. I'm just jotting them down so I'll always remember I was once silly and crazy too. :)

  • Haas was scheduled to play at 11am on Saturday, at MCA.

  • Wen and I were rostered to work till 1pm. Bugger!

  • Rainy day in Melbourne. His match was postponed.

  • Overjoyed when I found out. Rang Wen frantically.

  • Met up with Wen in the city. Had lunch.

  • Didn't know whether Haas had played yet. Been 2 hours.

  • Tried accessing Australian Open website using wifi in Melbourne Central but couldn't get connected. We're technology challenged.

  • Rang up all the friends but no one had access to a computer.

  • Was raining cats and dogs outside. Couldn't go anywhere.

  • Walked around aimlessly. Got distracted by shopping.

  • 4.30pm. Walked in the rain to the Australian Open booth at Federation Square.

  • No one knew what was happening. Everyone was telling us a different story.

  • Decided to buy a ticket anyway, but was discouraged by over-friendly gay guy at the ticket counter.

  • Walked fore and back between Australian Open booth and Ticketek. In the rain.

  • 5pm. Took a tram to Melbourne Park. In the rain.

  • Found out that all matches were tentatively canceled. New schedule was to be released at 6pm.

  • Took a tram back to city. Still raining.

  • Rushed to do some last minute shopping before the shops close at 6pm. Girls will be girls.

  • Walked to Bismi on Elizabenth St to meet some friends. In the rain.

  • After waiting for 15 minutes, finally realised we were at the wrong Bismi. Duh!

  • Went back to Wen's place. Got on the internet. Confirmed that Haas was to play at 11am on Sunday.

  • Rang Ticketek. Was put on hold for 10 minutes. Found out that only ticket counters at Melbourne Park were still open.

  • Wen drove to Melbourne Park. Couldn't find parking. Made a few rounds.

  • I got out of the car and queued up in the rain to buy 2 ground passes.

  • Went back to my place. Took shower. Got my stay-over necessities, namely my smelly pillow. :P

  • Bought takeaway in Box Hill.

  • Ate my salted fish and chicken fried rice while watching tennis match at Wen's place.

  • Lapsed into a coma.
  • Woke up at 7am. On a Sunday!

  • Took a tram down to Melbourne Park.

  • Lined up for 2 hours to get into Vodafone Arena. Boy you should've seen the queue!

  • Went through rain, sun and wind in the line. Crazy Melbourne weather!

  • Door opened at 10am.

  • Match started at 11am.

  • Nearly melted when I saw my heartthrob. He's even cuter in real person.

  • (Not as cute as you, of course, Bee.) :D

  • Not so thrilled when I saw his girlfriend though. -_-

  • Haas won the match. Good game. The opponent was a little weak though.

  • Had a yucky fruity drink at the Amex lounge.

  • Decided to line up for nearly 2 hours (again!) at the Garnier booth.

  • Got a massage and a goodie bag from Garnier.

  • Walked to find an Amex pedicab to take us back to Federation Square.

  • Was directed in the wrong direction.

  • Ended up walking all the way back to the city. In the rain. (Yeah, again.)

  • Had a bowl of hot ramen on Collins St.

  • Monday blues started to kick in.

  • Went home.

  • Was dead tired, lapsed into another coma.

It was both fun and funny, the weekend. And now we're paying the price for our stupidity - feeling extremely lethargic and sluggish at work on a gloomy Monday.

Not so funny now, is it? x_x

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Heartbroken Tennis Groupie

I saw Haas today.

He won the match.

He even took of his shirt, 3 times.

So why am I still frowning?

Because his girlfriend was there too!

I'm heartbroken. *Pouts*

A friend of a friend of a friend (six degrees of separation is very true in Melbourne) danced with Safin in Music Room at GPO on the night he lost his third-round match against Roddick.

Wen's heartbroken too.

So there you go, 2 heartbroken tennis groupie in da house. :(

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Going to the Tennis

Thanks to the rain today, Wen and I get to watch Tommy Haas live in action at Vodafone Arena tomorrow. *Grins*

His third-round match-up against fellow German, Florian Mayer, in Margaret Court Arena was originally scheduled at 11am this morning, but it had to be postponed due to the rain. It was later canceled and re-scheduled to 11am tomorrow in Vodafone Arena because it's been raining sporadically all day here in Melbourne.

The chance to see my tennis sweetie didn't come easy though.

Wen and I had to travel in rain for a couple of times today (long story) and we predict another long rainy day ahead tomorrow. I even have to spend tonight on Wen's couch just so we can have an early start in the morning.

All these, just to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous tennis player in person. Gosh, don't I feel like a lunatic groupie now. Haha!

Well, let's hope that it's all worth it huh?

Vodafone Arena, here we come!

P/S: But of course Bee, I'm still your biggest fan. :)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Roddick vs Safin

It's the most anticipated and probably most exciting match of Australian Open 2007 to date.

Tonight, Rod Laver Arena hosts the third-round match-up between two big names - American Andy Roddick (No.6 seed) and Russian Marat Safin (No.26 seed).

It promises a night of great tennis and a heavyweight battle between the two big-serving players. The game could very well pass as a semi-final, at the very least.

Wen just texted me. She's going to rush home straight after work to watch the Russian whom she's fancied since her teenage years. Haha.

Safin enjoyed a five-set victory against Roddick in the 2004 quarter-final at Melbourne Park, but Wen and I have a bad feeling that he might lose tonight. He's had a fairly rocky start this season and Roddick has played much better matches than he had.

While the pair isn't exactly over the moon about having to play such a tough opponent so early on in the slam, Melbourne awaits the powerhouse showdown on this warm Friday night.

Edit: Safin lost, as we predicted. It was a good match that kept everyone on the edge of our seats. But the Russian giant lost, and Wen is heartbroken. Haha.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


I'm currently lemming for the gorgeous dresses from Seduce's Spring-Summer 2006 collection.

I don't really wear dresses much when I'm Melbourne because of the unpredictable weather . Rain, wind, hail and sun, all in one day! Talk about craziness. And I have very little motivation to doll up for work. The fact that I don't get to wear heels to work puts me off wearing dresses altogether.

I wear them more often when I'm back in Malaysia, well, because Bee likes to see me in them and I get ferried around wherever I go.

Personally, I've always preferred wearing pants and jeans. They're just so much easier to get around in. Yes that's the tomboy-ish side of me you haven't seen yet huh?

However, I do like buying dresses because they are oh-so-pretty to look at and always make me feel extra feminine wearing them. This is a highly impractical behaviour, judging from how little use I get out of each dress before they go out of style again. Some of them just sit in my wardrobe forever until I finally throw them out.

Oh well, girls will be girls huh? :D

My favourites from the current collection of Seduce is the Evita dress and the Hanky Panky Mini Dress. Also loving the Antique Bella Short Ruffle Dress which I don't have a picture of, but you can find it on Seduce's website.

And how cute is the blue pinafore silk dress by Alice McCall huh?

It's a limited edition from Alice McCall for Target last season and is practically sold out across Australia now. I was desperate enough to search for it on ebay where it's sold at a price tag even higher than its original price, but they ran out of my size too.

Now I want it even more! *Pouts*

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Devil Wears Prada

I'm not a big fan of Prada bags.

Dresses and shoes, yes, but not their bags. I just can't justify paying a hefty sum of money for a nylon or partly-nylon bag.

But my views are about to be changed when I saw their Spring collection.

I'm so loving the colour of this ruched nylon/leather handbag!

While blue isn't quite the new black yet, it's definitely the colour of this season! How can anyone resist this gorgeous shade of blue? I need to get myself some of that!

This beautiful ruched nylon handbag also comes with leather trim, braided handles, removable cross-body strap, detachable ID tag and zippered closure. The measurement is 8.5" X 15" X 4.5 and it's currently selling for US$1,650.00.

Alternatively, if you're not a big fan of blue and would rather opt for a more durable colour, I'm also lemming for this brown quilted nylon satchel. It is more roomy with a measurement of 9.75" X 17" X 6.25", at the cost of a higher price tag (US$1,745.00).

Or this, if you're after a white tote.

They're not gonna make my wish list just yet due to the nylon-effect, but they're sure nice to look at.

Who knows? I might just be crazy enough to grab one after a depressing day at work.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Self Confessed Shopaholic

I haven't been shopping for a week, and I'm suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms.

I still went to the malls, I just haven't bought anything, AT ALL. The addict in me is not tolerating that very well, I'm telling ya.

Shopping is indeed an addiction. Take my words for that.

Now I have this constant urge to want to buy something. I just can't stop thinking about it, even when I'm working.

It's a craving that won't die off until it gets satisfied. Sounds scary? I'm sure my fellow shopaholics know exactly what I am talking about.

I still haven't worn half of the things I bought few weeks ago, so I really shouldn't. But I really want to.

I NEED to buy something!

Or maybe I just need to be put in a rehabilitation center. :|

Monday, January 15, 2007

Australian Open 2007

Australian Open is back!

The tennis championship that Wen and I eagerly look forward to has officially started today and ends on 28 January.

It kinda brought back those bittersweet memories of this time last year when I was stressing out for my registration exam and Wen was job-hunting. De ja vu all over, baby!

I can't believe that another year had gone by so quickly, and I'm still not exactly where I thought I would be. How do they say it again? Another year older, none the wiser.

Oh well, let's save the sentimental sappy stuff for another day. For now, it's tennis time!

Sadly, with Wen and I both working full time and already have weekend shifts assigned in January, we won't have the luxury to do what we did last year - dedicate all our time to watching tennis all day long and be a crazy tennis groupie. This year, we can hardly find a right slot of time for the both of us to go to a tennis match together.

But fret not, if Wen is able to swap out of her Sunday shift this weekend (which she promised to), we just might get be able to catch some live action. Rod Laver Arena, here we come!

We've been calling ourselves Mrs Safin and Mrs Haas (Wen and I, respectively) during tennis season. Let's hope that we'll be able to catch a game of our heartthrobs, and perhaps, a towel too? Haha.

No, we're not that obsessed, really. :D

But we did bump into Federer on the road last year (not literally, of course). Here's hoping we have the same good luck this year huh? *Fingers crossed*

Till then, let's indulge in some pictures of my favourite cute German player. :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Santa Came Late This Year

I received my belated-Christmas/early-anniversary present in the mail today, from my very own Santa. :)

It's a black Dopod 818 Pro, and I'm so loving it!

In Santa's defence, he actually bought the phone long before Christmas, but he needed time to do some work with it, hence the delay.

That's the thing I love about this boy. Whenever he buys me something, he puts thoughts and efforts into it to make it special, instead of just another present that can be bought with money. *Extra brownie points for Bee*

Knowing how technology-incompatible his girlfriend is, the sweet boy took the time to customised everything in the phone so that it's ready to be used when it reaches me. He even searched high and low for this particular cuppycake song that I absolutely love but is almost impossible to find and made it my ringtone.

And he's so thoughtful that he went through the troubles to find me weather forecast softwares (I live in Melbourne!), some softwares for my work (which is oh-so-hard to get), all the games he knows I like (that's mostly what I'm using the PDA for anyway, haha!), and all the little bits and pieces.

Thanks, sweetie, for the lovely present, and all the time and thoughts you put into it. Though it didn't come as much of a surprise (well, because of how ultra smart your girlfriend is, ha!), but I really love it!

And I love you even more for how sweet you are. :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Long Absence

It seems like I go on a long hiatus every now and then. My apology to my loyal readers who still check on this blog for updates every now and then.

All two of you. Haha.

In my defence, I've been busy working.

Wait, that's not entirely true. This is already the second week of my 2-week break before I start on a new job assignment next Monday.

Well then, to rephrase it, I've been busy working and slacking off. Oh, and shopping too! Some things never change huh? :P

The truth is, I'm always falling in and out of my blogging mood. Sometimes I get really into it, sometimes I just can't be arsed.

No offence to my fellow bloggers, but sometime it's just a lil more fun living and experiencing life than writing about it.

Having said that, this space is very special to me, and I'm not ready to give it up just yet.

I recently switched to Blogger Beta and then back to Blogger again. Guess I should spend some time to make up the entries for the past month, and to give my secret garden a lil much-needed housekeeping.

Despite the long absence, I still miss sharing my thoughts with random readers out there and getting comments from you.

So come back soon. :)