Monday, January 15, 2007

Australian Open 2007

Australian Open is back!

The tennis championship that Wen and I eagerly look forward to has officially started today and ends on 28 January.

It kinda brought back those bittersweet memories of this time last year when I was stressing out for my registration exam and Wen was job-hunting. De ja vu all over, baby!

I can't believe that another year had gone by so quickly, and I'm still not exactly where I thought I would be. How do they say it again? Another year older, none the wiser.

Oh well, let's save the sentimental sappy stuff for another day. For now, it's tennis time!

Sadly, with Wen and I both working full time and already have weekend shifts assigned in January, we won't have the luxury to do what we did last year - dedicate all our time to watching tennis all day long and be a crazy tennis groupie. This year, we can hardly find a right slot of time for the both of us to go to a tennis match together.

But fret not, if Wen is able to swap out of her Sunday shift this weekend (which she promised to), we just might get be able to catch some live action. Rod Laver Arena, here we come!

We've been calling ourselves Mrs Safin and Mrs Haas (Wen and I, respectively) during tennis season. Let's hope that we'll be able to catch a game of our heartthrobs, and perhaps, a towel too? Haha.

No, we're not that obsessed, really. :D

But we did bump into Federer on the road last year (not literally, of course). Here's hoping we have the same good luck this year huh? *Fingers crossed*

Till then, let's indulge in some pictures of my favourite cute German player. :)