Monday, January 23, 2006

Go Tommy!

I'm watching Australian Open live on TV as I'm typing this entry.

My favourite player, Tommy Haas, is playing against world's no.1, Roger Federer, and he's putting up a very good fight. He made an extraordinary come back after losing the first 2 sets.

He might lose, yes. But the effort is phenomenal. It's an absolutely spectacular game!

I'm jumping up and down, clapping and cheering like a mad woman in my living room. The scores are so close and anything can happen now. The Aussie crowd absolutely loves the underdog and the effort he's making. The stadium is buzzing with great spirit and excitement.

I should've been cheering my heart out in Rod Laver Arena if it wasn't because of the stupid Board exam. Ugh! (Not that I've been studying at home anyway.-_-)

If you haven't been watching, you've missed out on some really good tennis. But here's a picture of the German player.

(It's an old picture of him, he's cut his hair, but still cute nonetheless.)

Go Tommy!

Edit: Haas lost. But he's won lots of hearts and he definitely took his game to another level tonight. I'm sure we can expect to see more good tennis from him in the future. And of course, he's gorgeous!

P/s: Oh, did I mention that Wen and I saw Federer somewhere near Crown a few days ago? The Kia minivan he was in was right next to our car and we were seriously considering banging our car into his in the mere hope to talk to him. Haha!

7 left a petal:

Daddy Nick said...

Federer's too good to lose.

But I'd love to see Federer lose ;->

Even more with Roddick losing his mojo yet in another grand slam ... ;)))

MisSmall said...

Daddy Nick: It was definitely fun seeing Federer being pushed tonight. Great game, it was. :) I was sad Roddick lost though

Daddy Nick said...

Roddick's too busy romancing Sharapova. He might have to retire soon if he doesn't buck up!

MisSmall said...

Daddy Nick: Haha. Sharapova annoys me and I don't think she's played her best tennis yet this time, I'm hoping that Martina Hingis will win.

Jacky said...

You didn't get to take a photo with Federer?!

Martina Hingis surely looks very strong and a big favorite for the champion. But watch out for Linsay Davenport :)

Daddy Nick said...

Sharapova undoubtedly is still my favourite female player, not because she's the best, but she's the the loudest (Queen of Grunts / Siberian Siren) ;D

Would u have the chance to snap a pic of her ?

If Sharapova ever gets to meet Hingis, sorry, i'd have to support Miss Grunt ;))

MisSmall said...

Jacky: No, we didn't even get to wave to him. The lights turned green and we had to move. :(

Daddy Nick: It's her grunts that annoy me! She's through today, Hingis is looking strong too, so there might be a chance of them actually meeting.