Friday, January 20, 2006

A Little Attitude Please

I love attitude tees, and Bee loves to see me in them. Some of mine can be a tad bitchy to some people, but he thinks they're funny and cute.

I don't wear them that much when I'm back in Malaysia. No offence to Malaysians, but some conservative Asians don't seem to handle jokes that well.

I have a tank top that says:

I am a virgin.
(But this is an old shirt)

I get lots of witty comments and compliments when I wear it in Oz.

"Oh, bet that's a really OLD shirt huh?" One sales assistant said.

"You and I both, girl." A girl on the street winked at me.

"I like your top." Most of them said this.

Others grinned sheepishly when I caught them staring at it. It's funny.

But in Malaysia, the top mostly attracts funny looks that read "slut!", "what the hell is wrong with this girl?!", or "how did your parents raise you?".


Lighten up, fellas, it's just a joke!

(No I don't have the guts to wear them in front of my parents or relatives.)

A while ago, I told Bee that I wanted to buy this Abercrombie & Fitch tee but I didn't wanna get bashed up on the street by "big-boned" girls.

"Buy it! I wanna see you wear it! Especially in Malaysia." He was very excited.

I rolled my eyes and told him, "Okay, I'll wear it if you wear this."

While I was browsing through their Spring 2006 collection today, I decided to offer him a different deal.

I'll gladly wear the following tees in Malaysia, stare back and smile to those disgusted aunties and uptight idiots

if you wear these.....

Humour and attitude, two of the best gifts in life. Don't you think?

I'm so gonna buy their entire season of attitude tees. But why don't they have an outlet in Australia?! They won't even set up a store in Canada.

Talk about attitude huh? :/

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Fellow Traveler said...

wow, this is an awesome blog. :d Keep up the good work! :)

MisSmall said...

Fellow Treveler: Aw, thanks. :)

Laynie said...

I totally hear you. I wish I could buy and wear shirts like those in KL. There are some rather lame ones in Sungei Wang but they're not funny at all, just borderline cute. I could probably wear them in college though.

There's tons of attitude tees online so you can buy them there. Try bustedtees, Noisebot, t-shirthumour, and PalmerCash.

jen said...

abercrombie and Fitch!!! :P
ehehe.. my favourite :)

Kenny Lee said...

a good business idea in malaysia!

MisSmall said...

Laynie: Thanks for the suggestions, hun. Will check them out soon. :)

Jen: I love the brand too, it's just a pity that there're too many fakes around and it's hard to get hold of the real ones.

Kenny Lee: You think? Wouldn't they cost too much for average Malaysian teenagers (which I'd imagine to be their target market) after the converstion rate?