Saturday, January 28, 2006

Australian Open 2006 Women's Singles Final

Who would have thought it's gonna end this way?

Justine Henin-Hardenne was obviously not feeling well today. She called for break for 3 times, and the last time involved her trainer.

She then called off the match after a mere 56 minutes into the game, and made Mauresmo the Grand Slam champion.

I'm sad, more for Justine Henin-Hardenne though. Poor thing, she must be so disappointed.

So there you have it, Amelie Mauresmo won the women's singles of Australian Open 2006. She's waited long enough, now she can finally open her special bottle of champagne.

I'm touched by the friendship shown between the two amazing female player. Yes it was a match that ended abruptly and we're all disappointed, but *shrugs*, what are you gonna do huh?

It really doesn't help that Melbourne is raining today.

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6 left a petal:

Daddy Nick said...

7 years - worth the wait! Too bad Mauresmo didn't get to meet Hingis in the finals, or it would have be a replay of history.

Daddy Nick said...

Will Baghdatis upset Federer? Let's hope no one retires early this time ...

MisSmall said...

Daddy Nick: Australia has practically adopted Baghdatis, the Melbourne crowd loves him and the Greek community is crazy about him. He goes to this restaurant 4 blocks from my place every night. Think I should go try to spot him there? Haha.

Daddy Nick said...

haha, you could get him to sign on your books/palm. you might get lucky with your exam ;P

Jacky said...

Mauresmo entered won with 3 of her opponents retired! How amazing.

Am really looking forward to the match between Baghdatis and Federer.

MisSmall said...

Daddy Nick: So, Baghdatis and Federer, who are you going for?

Jacky: I'm looking forward to the match tomorrow too! I want Federer to win, but sometimes it's good to see him being pushed. :P

Let's hope that it's gonna be a good game, people. :)