Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Life, My Card

American Express is the proud sponsor of Australian Open this year. All card holders get access to tickets ahead of the public and are entitled to free drinks at the event. And of course, there were promotional booths set for visitors to sign up for membership.

Amex promoter: Do you own an American Express card?

Me (Trying to walk away) : Yes I do.

Amex promoter: What sort of card are you currently using?

Me (Trying to walk away again): A gold card.

Amex promoter: Oh, is it your father's?

Me (Thinking to myself, what the hell?): No, it's mine.

Amex promoter: How much are you paying for annual fees?

Me: Um, I don't pay annual fees.

Amex promoter (Looking surprised): No annual fees? That means you spend more than 35k a year?

Me (Raising my eyebrows): Is that a problem?

I so want my own platinum card. Ugh!

5 left a petal:

Jacky said...

Haha... show them your Platinum card :)

Daddy Nick said...

haha, u should show them the stacks of cash under your bed ...

MisSmall said...

Jacky: Haha. I'm working on it. :P

Daddy Nick: They'll probably ask whether the money belongs to my dad too. :/

Eternity said...

ask the promoter whether she/he has her own Amex and whether she/he spends more than 35k!

MisSmall said...

Eternity: I console myself by thinking that maybe it was just because I look too young to have my own card. :P