Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dentist and Mackers

I had a dental appointment today.

Like most people, I'm not exactly a big fan of dentists. As a patient, I avoid seeing them as much as possible.

But today, I boldly walked into the clinic without anyone holding my hand.

I've been having a weird pain sensation at this particular spot on my gum since Saturday. It hurts the most when touched. The tooth itself doesn't hurt at all, but the gum around it feels sore.

I told Bee about it, he insisted that I get it looked at.

"But I don't like going to dentists!" I pouted. (Eventhough he couldn't see it.)

"But if you don't get it checked, it might become really serious later on. Then they'll have no choice but to pull the tooth out. Imagine how painful that will be! And you won't have perfect teeth anymore. Or worse, if it gets infected, other teeth will be affected as well, your face might become swollen and you won't be able to eat......" He went on and on scaring me.

It worked.

(Yes, I'm gullible like that.)

The dentist looked around my mouth, poked a little and told me that it's just an ulcer on the gum. He said I could've scratched it somehow or ulcers can just happen for no reason at all. It should go away by itself in 10-14 days.

That came as a huge relief. And since there's nothing seriously wrong with my gum, I stayed to get my teeth cleaned as he suggested.

At the end of the appointment, I left with cleaner teeth and a big bill. :|

On the way home, I bought myself mackers as a reward for my bravery today.

Greasy fast food is to me like those colourful cartoon stickers are to kids at the end of a dentist appointment.

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cheng sim said...

haha =)
i hate going to the dentist too but i have to go at least once a month every now and then for my braces appointment.


MisSmall said...

Cheng Sim: Seeing dentist every month is too much for me. Maybe that's why I'll never have braces. Haha. How long do you have to wear the braces for?

cK said...

I've never visited dental clinic ever since I got 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out (all together at ONE SHOT). Of coz they made me inhale something and I kinda fainted la. That was 1 and a half year ago. Maybe I should go clean my teeth some time but medical fees in the states are very expensive.

Eternity said...

indeed a brave princess! i've not been to the dentist in 2.5 years although it's just for the routine scaling. so you deserve that lil' treat!

MisSmall said...

Chin Kian: 4 at once? I feel painful just thinking about it. Haha.

Eternity: Thanks, darl. I still can't stop thinking about that rich looking banana choc cake I saw on your blog though. :P

cheng sim said...

princess: only a year and a half. no biggie really. gonna have them out middle of next year.

ChinKian: wah liao weh. FOUR wisdom tooth? what kind of mad dentist is that? u shld take charge and tell the doc whether to pull out 4 at once.

eternity: scaling is ANNOYING. the buzzing sound and all. eeyer. hate it!

cK said...

From what I heard, we all should go visit a dentist every 6 months or so.

yea!!! have to eat porridge for ONE MONTH! I couldn't=t even eat "tan-tart" a week after the operation.