Sunday, January 15, 2006

Under Construction

I got really sick of the last blog skin, so now we have a new one. Thanks, babee. *Hugs*

I've been trying to figure out how to design a new template on my own. But I'm what you call "computer illiterate", I don't know how everything works around here.

I learned to put in the bits and pieces here and there, but that's about it.

I have short attention spam too. I can never be bothered to read through those online tutorials, since I pretty much lose concentration after 2 sentences. Haha.

When plan A failed, I decided to look around to see whether there're some readily made templates that might be close to what I have in mind. No luck.

I'm a perfectionist and a pain in the butt, I pick on tiny details and veto everything.

So when plan B didn't work either, I called in the big guns. Plan Bee - my very talented boyfriend!

"Bee, this is how I want it *enters unclear and confusing description*, now go make it happen." I demanded.

Then I changed my mind like ten thousand times a day and I'm always very specific with what I want and how I want it. Haha. I think I'm the most difficult client he's ever had.

Oh I'm sure you've noticed that I changed the blog name?

I previously named it Monkey Business because Bee always call me his monkey, but monkey doesn't really go well with rose petals and bubbles, does it?

I took down Dorothy the pink piggy too. I got bored of it

Now we have a weather girl for Melbourne and a weather boy for Kuala Lumpur, so we'll always know how the weather is like where the other person is at.

Nothing is finalised yet. We (read: Bee) are still trying to finish the design, so this is just temporary.

Oh I'm so excited. :)

3 left a petal:

Kampungkai said...

U a virgo?

Such big words! Good! i don't read all the words if i see a post with small words, but i definitely read all of yours, because it's big! heheheh!

We are waiting! quick quick!

cK said...

a little too big for me :) hehe

MisSmall said...

I like the big fonts too, but Bee thinks it might work too well for people using lower resolution. So yeah, we might have to change it afterall. :(