Friday, April 30, 2010


I've always loved Fridays, even since my school days, but I think Friday is officially my favourite day of the week now.

First of all, it's my day off.

(And really, who doesn't like their days off work?)

Secondly, and more importantly, it's now the one day in a week that I feel entitled to allow myself to just stay at home and do absolutely nothing at all because, well, it's my day off.

By now, most of you should already know that my favourite thing to do is really to do nothing at all huh? Haha.

So Bee and I slept in till noon, had a late breakfast, then we just hung out and did some "coupley" things. You know, mostly just lazing around, cuddles and kisses and stuff.

It was another chilly winterly autumn day today. I think it was around 12-20°C?

As tempting as it was to just stay in our warm bed and order in, Bee and I decided to get dressed to go out for dinner instead. Afterall, it's Friday night!

I took him to this little Japanese restaurant that I used to frequent when I was in uni but haven't been since.

It's a really small and tiny place with unassuming exterior and modest decor, but I love the cozy ambiance.

The place is usually jam packed, especially on a Friday night. But even then, it never makes you feel as rushed and hurried like one of those busy Chinese restaurants, which I believe I whinged about one of them here.

Instead, it just feels, well, warm and homey.

The wait staff is ever so friendly and polite, and the food is still as good as I remembered them to be.

I had their 4-course dinner set, which I chose miso soup and California rolls as entrée, katsu chicken curry with rice as main, and green tea ice cream as desert.

Everything was impeccable for the price we paid. The katsu chicken curry and green tea ice cream were, dare I say, even better than what I've had at some of top notch Japanese restaurants like Nobu or Hanabishi on King Street.

Bee had teriyaki fish because he had cravings for fish. I didn't sample any of the fish because, personally, I hate teriyaki or any form of sweet soy sauce, but Bee quite enjoyed the dish.

What can I say? It was a superb dinner that didn't burn a hole in our pockets. We should definitely go back there more often from now on!

On the drive home, we decided to pop by to visit a colleague's dad who just had a minor surgery.

By the way, since we're on the topic, I'd just like to mention that I never really quite know what to bring along when visiting someone sick, apart from flowers and fruits. Any thoughts?

And you should know that I'm terrible at picking gifts for people, regardless of the occassions. I'm not kidding, I'm just really really bad at it.

So much so that I'm really starting to think that it's a stupid idea to give people gifts. People should just give each other money as presents so they can buy something they would actually like or need, no?

Just a thought.

Anyway, Bee and I simply picked out some fruits from a grocery store near their place since not many shops were open at that hour, and I'd think Asians (or I should say, older generations of Asians) don't really appreciate flowers that much. *Shrugs*

The friend's dad looked happy and healthy, nothing like a sick person, so we stayed and chatted for a little before calling it a night.

And now, Bee and I are back home, chilling.

(Okay, chilling is probably not the best choice of word since it's pretty cold tonight and our heater has been on the whole day. :p)

Him on his laptop reading news about geeky gadgets; me kicking back with a cup of tea and my favourite TV series.

Oh don't you just love Fridays?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Back to work after the long weekend.

And it was a chilly rainy day too, which really wasn't much help in uplifting the mood. :|

I felt so groggy the whole day that I think I was sleep walking (and talking) the entire time. I could barely keep my eyes open!

Which was weird, because I actually slept pretty early and well last night. Oh well, must be the weather huh?

And the fact that we have to work! *Rolls eyes*

Good thing that the day actually went past pretty fast. Surprisingly.

We weren't even that busy, though somehow, the time just went by rather quickly today, so hey, I ain't complaining. *Grins*

Maybe it was because I wasn't as annoyed today.

Oh don't get me wrong, people were still annoying, there were just not as many of them today. *Knocks on wood*

Again, no complaints from me on that!

After work, Bee and I had Vietnamese pho for dinner, which as you know, I've been craving for since Sunday.

The big bowl of hot noodle soup with assorted beef slices and beef balls, lots of bean sprouts and a dash of lemon juice put me in such a jolly good mood that I was even up for a walk in the cold weather after dinner.

(Trust me, that doesn't happen very often on a work day!)

We stopped by a random Vietnamese grocery store to replenish my supply of instant noodles, and I accidentally stumbled across this macadamia crunch thingy that turned out to be really good! It's nutty and crunchy, yet without being overly sweet like so many other snacks.

Hmm, definitely gotta remind myself to go back and stock up!

But for now, with a warm and happy tummy, I better crawl into bed and have an early night.

Let this day end on a good note (because I can sense that an unwelcome guest, who obviously doesn't think of himself as a guest, in my living room is gonna annoy the crap outta me real soon), and let it be a less groggy day tomorrow.

Goodnight, peeps!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Anzac Weekend

Simply went by too quickly.

I had a 4-day weekend (well, nearly), and it just flew by before I could say "wee!".

Bee and I had initially planned to go to the zoo or have picnic in the park today, but were too lazy to go out after waking up late.

Instead, we stayed in and enjoyed a lazy day of doing absolutely nothing.

I played Farmville and watched some of my favourite sitcoms, while Bee played his geeky computer games and surfed ebay for more geeky gadgets; then we had a bucket of finger lickin' good fried chicken for late lunch.

Some of you would be proud to know that, in the afternoon, I managed to talk my husband into letting me give him an at-home facial (with exfoliation and hydrating masque and all, people!). Haha.

He's been spotting some tiny red bumps on the side of his face lately, and the man usually have clear skin that made me envy!

I'm planning on forcing him to the Kiehl's counter next weekend because I've heard some great things about their range of facial products for men. Though I can already sense that some kicking and screaming will be involved in that. :|

Anyhoo, it's back to work tomorrow.

*Long sighs*

Why can't everyday be a holiday?

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I had to work today.

Which was a real bummer since it's smacked right in the middle of the long weekend.

Though it was only a 4-hour shift, it still pretty much ruined any plans that Bee and I had about going away for a short (or at least, overnight) trip.

But it was my rostered Sunday to work and I couldn't swap out of it. Plus the conscience of the uptight bitch in me is too strong for me to wanna fake a sickie, so.....*shrugs* I guess I really can't blame anyone.

The weather had taken a funny twist and turned chilly again today, so all I wanted to do after work is to have a big bowl of piping hot Vietnamese pho with raw beef slices and lots of bean sprouts. Nothing beats a good ol' bowl of noodle soup on a cold day, man!

But no, even that didn't come through for me. *Rolls eyes*

Bee and I circled the block for 5 times, looking for a parking spot, before finally giving up and went home to have kimchi ramen instead.

And I just realised that I forgot to make reservation for our dinner at Nobu tonight, so there goes our fancy Sunday night dinner too. *Double rolls eyes*

Oh well, I guess I'll just go take a nap now with Bee and sulk about my uneventful long weekend later.

At least we have an extra day off tomorrow, so yay for that!

Happy Anzac Day, everyone!