Saturday, August 02, 2008

Something Blue

The Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps.

Some called it the fifth star in the movie. But hey, let's not forget that we already have a fifth leading lady - New York! The city's role has been irreplaceable since episode 1 of the TV series.

After all, it is about Sex and THE CITY.

Having said that, this amazing pair of shoes sure did play a vital part in the movie.

First for Carrie to mark her territory in the walk-in closet Mr Big built for her in their new penthouse; then the heart-melting Cinderella moment when Mr Big proposed and slipped on the shoes for Carrie; and last but not least, as Carrie's "something blue" when she said her vows to the love of her life, Mr John James Preston, at their private City Hall wedding.

The original pair of Hangisi was custom-made by Manolo Blahnik for the glass-slipper plot twist in the film. Perhaps, as a token of appreciation for making Manolo a household name?

It truly is a beautiful piece of art. My breath was caught in my chest the first time I laid eyes on them.

The royal blue is strikingly vibrant, and the oversized sparkly rhinestone brooch adds a delicate touch of vintage elegance. Oh, the timeless charm!

The Hangisi has been sold out since its debut at the New York Manolo Blahnik boutique on June 9. Manolo Blahnik USA president, George Malkemus, says that sixty pairs of the US$885 shoes flew off shelves on the film's opening day, and there are now over 400 names on the company's waiting list.

Neiman Marcus offers their version of this shoe as the Manolo Blahnik Something Blue Satin Pumps. It is of a much brighter satin in Cobalt blue, 4 1/4" covered heel, identical silvertone hardware and crystal brooch, but a higher price tag at US $945.

Pricey, yes. But one can't put a price on art, yes?

(I'm THIS close to pulling out my credit card, believe you me.)

However, for the sake of my extended break from work, I can't just blow a thousand bucks on a pair of shoes.

Or, can I? *Tenting fingertips like Mr Burns*

5 left a petal:

Anonymous said...

Pretry pumps way too pricy. :)

Olive Poppy said...

Iris: Pricey, yes. But they'll never go outta style! You'll never have to buy another pair of shoes anymore. Oh who am I kidding. :P

Anonymous said...

That's some killer heels! Too bad I can't walk in high heels. LOL

*~kAy~* said...

gawsh.. so beautiful..
way out'a my budget tho... :'(

Olive Poppy said...

Cc: Can't? No no no, gal. That's what a lot of friends said before they got hooked on heels. And trust me, once you go "high", there's no turning back. :P

*~k~*: You and I both, sista! :/