Saturday, August 09, 2008

Day 1 of Married Life

Our first day as a legally married couple.

Do we feel any different?

Well, yes and no.

We actually thought we wouldn't feel anything different since we've been going out for so long and lived together whenever we're in the same city.

He already knew what I look like in the morning with bare face and frizzy hair, so no one is gonna get shocked there. Haha.

Much to our surprise, we woke up this morning feeling a little odd.

It's not anything bad,, different?

It's a feeling that I can't explain.

Well, try, I will.

Imagine if your passport was taken away and you're prohibited from leaving the country for the next 12 months. Even if you didn't plan on traveling abroad anyway, you kinda feel confined? It's like all of a sudden you're aware of the restrictions and you go, "Ooo, I can't go anywhere now."

Okay, that's not a very good analogy. It sounded like we feel trapped huh? Haha.

It's nothing like that, I assure you. It's more like a sudden realisation that your status had changed and there's more responsibility involved now.

We're still us. Just married. :)

So, what did the newlyweds do today?

Well, we came back from watching the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics at Bee's parents' place real late last night, so we slept in a little this morning.

Woke up just in time for brunch at Delicious @ Bangsar Village II. I was having serious cravings for bacon and eggs with sautéed mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, sausages, grilled get the idea, the whole big breakky!

The cafe lives up to its name in offering great food and a lively ambience for brunch. Bee was very happy with his oxtail pasta, but they added way too much butter in my scrambled eggs that I felt sick after 2 bites. And my orange tea tasted like watered-down OJ. -_-

Did a little furniture shopping at this Balinese-inspired furniture shop along Jalan Maarof. I was looking for a decorative wooden bowl like the one we left behind in Hobart. Alas, nothing caught my eye.

So we returned home, had our afternoon nap and enjoyed a quiet Saturday.

How's married life?

Surreal, but nice.

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Tine said...

For me it was the sense of family :) I get asked a lot too, on how married life is like. Typical question asked to newly weds :P My answer?

"A heck lot more laundry to do"


MisSmall said...

Tine: We haven't been asked a lot just yet. Prolly because we haven't had the actual ceremony and reception. And I haven't told most of my friends about the registration. So I guess that buys us some time. :p

For those who are in the know, the most common question now is - "So when is the wedding?"

It's never ending, is it? Haha.

Che-Cheh said...

Hey hey Congrats on being a tai tai liao. :)

cc said...

Surreal but nice! That sums up how I felt on the first day of being a mrs too!

Dancing Queen said...

I would have thought it's more like a sense of security & freedom. I know it sounds ironic but it's true. Enjoy your new married life! :)

emotionalistic said...

The difference is you got another Certificate :P....but a shared one :D.

babe_kl said...

hi there, thanks for dropping a comment in my blog. congratulations on your marriage. its a giant leap to more wonderful years to come.

xin said...

i think its the sense of security? well...i guess it is still a long long time before i can feel it

Askmewhats said...

awww...well..for me, it's a sense of completeness (corny but true) I felt happy because I don't need to wait til weekends to see him, but a bit sad as well..because I missed my family! LOL the week I got married, I was visiting home like 4x in a week giving myself excuse to go back home lol!

MisSmall said...

Che-Cheh: Haha! Thanks, gal.

Cc: I know! A week into it, the surreal feeling is still at the back of my mind. It's like, "Really? I'm married?" Haha.

Dancing Queen: It's a mixed feeling, isn't it? I kinda felt a little insecure that my independence is being taken away from me though. :p

Emotionalistic: Haha. To graduate from singlehood? :D

Babe_kl: Thanks! :)

Xin: I was once told to never marry for a sense of security because it shouldn't be about "two halves become whole". Instead, it should be two wholes become one.

And I quote, "The joining in marriage is the joyful union of two wholes into a greater whole and each will strengthen the other." :)

Askmewhats: I know! I'm already telling Bee that I'm going to spend Chinese New Year with my family since we haven't had our actual ceremony yet. Haha.

Doreen said...

I've been married for 3 years, everything still the same for us but a lot better than when we were girl boy friend. Now people starting to fire question: When is the baby coming? Sigh, so very sick of it!

LD said...

congrats on the next phase of your adventure :)

renaye said...

the breakfast pic looks yummy! i'm going to bangsar I for some organic lunch at Country Farm Organic. Have u tried there?

sesame said...

Congratulations! Typically not much difference unless you're leaving with his family. Otherwise, the real difference comes when you become a mummy!

MisSmall said...

Doreen: I know what you mean. The questions just never stop ey? So, when is the bay coming? :p

Ld: Thank you! It's an adventure alright! :)

Renaye: Oh I didn't take that picture. It's just a random pic that I found online, doesn't resemble the breakfast I had at Delicious. I've bought stuff from Country Farm Organic, but never tried the cafe attached. So, report back! :)

Sesame: Yeah, I'd imagine it takes a lot of mental preparation to decide to have a baby. As for living with the in-laws, no amount of mental preparation will suffice.