Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Night Before

It's the night before our ROM.

Our last night as boyfriend and girlfriend, as Bee calls it.

And I can barely keep my eyes open.

We spent the whole day shopping with my parents, who just flew in to KL this morning.

I haven't walked this much in a long long time. And boy do I feel worn out!

My feet are so sore that it hurts to stretch my toes.

But worry not, by hook or by crook, they'll fit into my something-blue slingbacks with 3.5" heels tomorrow.

As Carrie Bradshaw once said, "These shoes pinch my feet, but I love them!"

Bee and I had a little "dress rehearsal" when we got home. Him in his suit and new tie; me in my dress and killer heels.

As we stood in front of the mirror, we still found it hard to believe that we're actually getting married tomorrow. It only seemed like yesterday that we both decided to meet up with a stranger from the net.

I was once called a dreamer for wanting to marry a guy whose eyes light up every time I walk into the room.

Tomorrow, my dream comes true.

After nearly 5 years, the stars in our eyes still sparkle like the day we met. And I pray with all my heart that this will always be the case till we're both old and wrinkly.

So goodnight, my dearest boyfriend.

I'll see you in the morning.

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Doreen said...

A bride to be is certainly the prettiest and happiest gal in the world. Wow, so you and your hubby met from the net? Ha, another blissfully married "net couple". Actually my comment in your previous entry about when is your big day, I was meaning the whole Chinese customary and reception, or did you have them all in your ROM day?

emotionalistic said...

You are the happiest gal today :).

prettybeautiful said...

congrats again girl :) i am sure u will still have his sparks in his eye till you are 80 :)

fashionasia said...

how sweet!! congrats on the big day!!!

MisSmall said...

Doreen: Oops, my bad my bad. We haven't exactly decided on the date for the reception yet. I'm feeling too lazy to plan for a wedding atm. :p

Emotionalistic: Our ROM was actually on last Friday. But it's our "monthiversary" today. We met exactly 55 months ago. So I guess I'm a happy gal today too. :)

Prettybeautiful: Oh I sure hope so. :)

Fashionasia: Thanks, gal. :)

Eryn said...

You sure look pretty today. I wish you can post up some pics here. Hehe.

Met thru the net and get married eh? So lovely!! Happy for you. =)

DyahAlit said...

all i can say is congratulations :)

MisSmall said...

Eryn: Shh, not many of our friends know that we met through the net. We thought it was really lame and out of character for both of us. Haha.

And none of our friends know about this blog (or so I hope), and that's why I can't post our pictures here. :P

DyahAlit: Thanks. :)