Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Flowers for ROM - Part 2

During my first visit to the florist, green hydrangeas were suggested to be the filler flowers for my bouquet.

I wasn't too keen on the idea of having filler flowers, but because of my inability to say no to sales people, I agreed anyway.

I'm rather fond of green flowers, so I guess that made it better.

Few days later, I picked out the blue pair of Martinez Valero slingbacks as my shoes for ROM, and this gorgeous baby blue shirt by Ermenegildo Zegna for Bee.

Purely coincidental.

But I guess it goes without saying that if there was gonna be a theme colour for our ROM, it should be blue.

So the day before the ceremony, I popped by the florist again to cancel the green hydrangeas.

MisSmall: Hi, remember me?
Florist: Of course! You have a bouquet to pick up tomorrow, yes?
MisSmall: (Thinking to myself: Wow, that's good memory.)

Before I could said anything, the florist continued.

Florist: You wanted me to add a lot of curly frilly things to your bouquet mah! I remember that.
MisSmall: What?! What curly frilly things?
Florist: You said you wanted it to look like a bird nest, remember?
MisSmall: (I nearly choked!) No, I never wanted a bird nest. You must have mistaken me for someone else.
Florist: No, it was definitely you. You want pearls and crystals too, right?
MisSmall: Nooooooooo.....DEFINITELY not me. I'm the one who wanted a REALLY simple bouquet, without any crystals, pearls, or bird nest.

Still insisting that I'm the customer who ordered the bouquet with "the lot", the florist then showed me a picture of the floral arrangement she was talking about.

I then realised that by "curly frilly things", she was actually referring to using curly willows as the collar of the bouquet. And it wasn't a small collar, I'm telling ya!

I think I'd remember if I actually requested for a "bird nest"? Don't you think?

When we finally got that outta the way, I asked for the green hydrangeas to be changed to something blue and small.

We browsed through the flowers available at that time and there was nothing blue, but the sweet florist promised that she will try to come up with something.

Still recovering from the shock about the possibility of me carrying a bird-nest-like bouquet, I emphasized, for the umpteenth time, that I wouldn't mind if she couldn't find any blue flowers. I'll be happy with just a small bouquet of plain ivory roses, WITHOUT any frilly stuff.

Before I left the florist, I made sure I reminded her again, "So, no crystals, pearls or curly stuff for me yeah?"

Now, a piece of advice for all the bride-to-be's - always ALWAYS double check your order with your florist.

You know what they say, one bride's bouquet is another bride's poison. :P

This is close to what I had in mind (minus the crazy leafy business)

Or this

10 left a petal:

Irene said...

The green flower looks good.

Doreen said...

Simple is timeless! When you mentioned blue flowers, I thought the blue hydrangeas would make the perfect fit?

janicepa said...

hello... congrats on ya wedding.. hope u will hv a blissful marriage and will soon hv a super cute bb !!!..

emotionalistic said...

I think a bird-nest-like bouquet is too much :P. The guests will be focusing on those pretty flowers instead of the pretty bride :).

sab said...

i like the last photo! i can't wait for the actual bouquet!

molly said...

Hi, so you're getting married, congrats on your wedding.
Both are nice, with or without green. :):)
So next will be you wedding photos eh?

cbenc12 said...

i like de last bouquet, simple n lovely!

MisSmall said...

rene: Pretty, isn't it? There's this green bouquet that I saw online, it's uber chic!

Doreen: I said the same thing too! But the florist seemed to think that it was more of a purpulish colour and dismissed the idea? *Shrugs*

Janicepa: Thanks! I'm hoping to take it REAL slow though. :p

Emotionalistic: It's just not in my character to have something so elaborated. Even if it was, I think I'll be drowned out by the huge bouquet that all people could see will be the 'bird nest'. Haha.

Sab: Now that I got your hopes all high up, I can only hope that the actual bouquet won't be too disappointing. :)

Molly: Thanks! Just the ROM, haven't exactly set a date for the actual ceremony and reception. I'm a lazy bride. :p

Cbenc12: Yeah, I really like that one too. :)

cc said...

My eyes popped out when she mentioned bird nest! LOL

MisSmall said...

Cc: LOL. Good thing you weren't there. You should've seen my reaction when she said that. :P