Monday, August 11, 2008

Flowers for ROM - Part 1

My hand bouquet was only ordered a few days before our ROM.

Am I the only person who didn't know that most brides actually bring a bouquet to ROM?

I've just always thought that ROM is a simple and quick ceremony for formality purpose, and hence all we need to do is to show up to sign the legal papers.

But I lluurrvveee flowers, so I ain't complaining. *Grins*

On the Monday before our ROM, I did a quick search online and found a florist that's close to us.

Made a quick dash to pick my flowers on the way to lunch.

I was running late for my hair appointment and only had 10 minutes to spare, so the following conversation was carried out in a fast-forwarded speed.

MisSmall: I need a bouquet for ROM.
Florist: What kind of bouquet are you looking for?
MisSmall: Um.....*Pauses* *Pauses*
Florist: A bridal bouquet?
MisSmall: Yes......I guess so. (Thinking to myself: I hope she doesn't think I'm stoopid.)
Florist: So what kind of bridal bouquet do you have in mind?
MisSmall: Um.....*Pauses* *Pauses* (Silently panicking, because I had no idea!)
Florist: What is your theme colour?
MisSmall: Um.....*More pauses* *More pauses* (I don't have one! Am I a bad bride?)

I really should have given it some thought before I marched into a florist acting like a dumb blonde who can't tell her toes apart, shouldn't I?

The pleasant young florist showed me some of their designs to give me ideas, but nothing jumped out at me.

So I told her that I wanted something really simple.

Nothing over the top, and definitely nothing fussy.

The bouquet should also be small so it won't look too overwhelming on my petite frame.

I decided on a simple, hand-tied bouquet with ivory roses. The evenly cut stems should be casually wrapped in a white satin ribbon. None of those decorative ribbon bows or lace collars, and definitely no funny leafy business.

The flowers should look like they've just been freshly picked from the garden.

Simple, elegant, and tasteful.

10 left a petal:

cc said...

Yup, simplicity is the key. Show us your photos!!!

Eryn said...

White roses are lovely!! I love white lilies too.

emotionalistic said...

I like white flowers :). Simple and pure.

Kirby said...

Simple and Beautiful :)

iris said...

yeS...white roses are purity and innocence:)

sdovelly said...

nice...the bridal house matched a pink bouquet for my ROM.

Doreen said...

I love the bouquet! Simple yet elegant! In fact, my ROM bouquet also exactly the same but in orange colour (^_^) since it was autumn.

MisSmall said...

Cc: Coming right up! :D

Eryn: Then you'll know exactly what flowers to get for your bouquet. *Winks*

Emotionalistic: And don't we just love white daisies huh? :)

Kirby: Thanks! Do come by more often. :)

Iris: There's just something about white flowers and weddings huh? (P/s: I can't get to your blog, gal. The link was directed to Kongtechology?)

Sdovelly: Bridal house? Do they do ROM's too?

Doreen: Orange roses? Nice! Did you have an autumn wedding? Aww, that's so romantic!

cbenc12 said...

i love ur ivory roses! simply perfect~!

MisSmall said...

Cbenc12: Oh, those weren't my bouquet in the pictures (Sorry, I should've clarified that). But mine is coming up soon, so stay tuned. :)