Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Barely 3 days into the Lunar New Year, Bee and I already had our first HUGE fight in the year of Tiger.

It started off when we received a parking ticket in the span of 5 minutes that we tried to rush in and out of a Chinese restaurant in the city to order some takeaways for dinner. I got a bit crossed with Bee because that was the EXACT thing I warned him about and he just brushed it off.

He didn't bother to reload the parking meter, thinking that it was just for a few minutes and we would be able to get away with it. The parking meter only operates from 7.30am to 7.30pm, and it was already 7.20pm when we pulled into the parking slot.

I mean, it was just 10 minutes right? What were the chances of us getting a parking ticket in the span of 10 minutes, especially when we were just going across the street?

Now while that might be true in another city, Melbourne has the most efficient (read: anal) parking inspectors I've seen in the whole world! They are hidden in every corners and ready to jump out on you the minute your parking bay expires.

(Don't ask me how I know. Let's just say that it was a very expensive lesson for me to learn over the years.)

And that's exactly what happened. A parking officer came out from nowhere and issued a parking ticket on our windshield.

Up to this point, it all sounded really petty and trivial, yes?

And could you really blame me for being upset when I specifically reminded him, not once, but TWICE, before we got out of the car, but the stubborn man just refused to listen?

On a normal day, Bee isn't one who can't take criticism. But tonight, something in the usually patient and easy going Mr Nice Guy just snapped and his temper took off like a rocket.

Come to think about it, C* probably jinxed us during dinner last night when he said that 3rd day of Chinese New Year is traditionally known as "fight day" in Hong Kong, so as a general rule, people avoid visiting others or socialising on this day.

I looked it up on Wikipedia and it's true that the third day is known as "chì kǒu" (赤口), directly translated as "red mouth". "Chì kǒu is also called "chì gǒu rì" (赤狗日). "Chì gǒu" means "the God of Blazing Wrath" (熛怒之神)! @@

But no, jinxed or not, Bee was a total jerk to me and there was no excuse for it.

And he was a jerk to me this time last year as well. What's up with that?!

Maybe he's an annual CNY jerk. *Shrugs*

I don't care what anyone says, I'm planning a trip to go away by myself next CNY. Far far away from everyone else, especially on the 3rd day.

I'm not even that big a fan of Chinese New Year to start with, and this just further tainted my opinion about it.

Whatever. I'm gonna pop an extra Stilnox and head to bed.

So far, I'm not very impressed with the year of Tiger.

Not at all.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Whilst everyone else is still enjoying their long CNY holidays back in Malaysia, it's business as usual for us here in Melbourne.

Back to work on Monday, back to more whingy people complaining about just about anything and everything, who all seem to think that I'm evilly withholding some secret potions up my sleeves which is going to miraculously solve all their problems just like that *clicks fingers*.

News flash, people! If I held the secret to such wonder drug, did you still think that I'll be standing here, listening and nodding to the most ridiculously bullshit anyone can think of all day long, instead of sipping margaritas at my private Bahamas resort while collecting big bucks through the patent?

Sorry, guys, bitchiness overload. Occupational hazard, as we call it. :p

Maybe they should make a pill for bitchiness, I'm sure that is gonna sell like hot cakes. *Raises eyebrows*

To make me feel better about having to work throughout the Chinese New Year, Bee cooked bakuteh to cheer me up.

Though what was meant to be a hearty home-cooked meal turned into yet another I-cannot-wait-to-get-out-of dinner because I just had to open my stupid mouth and invited D* to join us, not knowing that her very annoying boyfriend was coming over AGAIN.

So yeah, it's only natural that he gladly and shamelessly invited himself, and I had to hold my tongue throughout the dinner to stop myself from giving him a piece of my mind when he was being his usual infuriating self.

Speaking of which, does anyone else hate eating with people you don't particularly like?

Personally, I find that my threshold has been significantly lowered to the point of intolerant now that I'm forced to talk to every Tom Dick and Harry all day long at work whether I like it or not, so it's like working overtime whenever I have to "entertain" people outside of work.

It's sad but true, my line of work has truly brought out the worst of my anti-social self.

So for now, I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy some quiet "down time" before I call it a night.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Long Time No See

And it indeed has been.

It's been more than 3 months since my last post. Can you believe it?!

Though it's not like I have that good a track record to start with anyway, so I guess you probably can. :/

Lots' been happening.

Bee has been in town for the past couple of months, and my brother plus his girlfriend (whom I'm not particularly fond of) visited and stayed with us for a few times over December and January.

I started a new job about 3 months back, so I've been trying to adjust myself back to a routine of waking up to go to work every morning and psyching myself up to tolerate people's crap all day long, which I have to admit I'm not very good at because I think I hate homo sapiens now. You know, in general. :|

Then there is the house hunting and car hunting process which pretty much kept me (read: us) running around like crazy maniacs on the days I don't have to work.

Not forgetting the festive seasons with all the social obligations - celebrations with friends and relatives, work functions to attend, and worst of all, dinners with people that you don't even like that much to start with. :|

So yeah, life has been a little hectic for my liking, and I pretty much haven't had time for anything else.

I honestly can't wait till when it's all done and settled so we can start living our lives again.

Or when I can sit down in the perfect living room of my dream house, with tea and scones served on my Royal Albert tea sets, and enjoy a quiet afternoon of doing absolutely nothing, while my husband plays with his new car in the garage.

Well, until then.