Monday, February 15, 2010


Whilst everyone else is still enjoying their long CNY holidays back in Malaysia, it's business as usual for us here in Melbourne.

Back to work on Monday, back to more whingy people complaining about just about anything and everything, who all seem to think that I'm evilly withholding some secret potions up my sleeves which is going to miraculously solve all their problems just like that *clicks fingers*.

News flash, people! If I held the secret to such wonder drug, did you still think that I'll be standing here, listening and nodding to the most ridiculously bullshit anyone can think of all day long, instead of sipping margaritas at my private Bahamas resort while collecting big bucks through the patent?

Sorry, guys, bitchiness overload. Occupational hazard, as we call it. :p

Maybe they should make a pill for bitchiness, I'm sure that is gonna sell like hot cakes. *Raises eyebrows*

To make me feel better about having to work throughout the Chinese New Year, Bee cooked bakuteh to cheer me up.

Though what was meant to be a hearty home-cooked meal turned into yet another I-cannot-wait-to-get-out-of dinner because I just had to open my stupid mouth and invited D* to join us, not knowing that her very annoying boyfriend was coming over AGAIN.

So yeah, it's only natural that he gladly and shamelessly invited himself, and I had to hold my tongue throughout the dinner to stop myself from giving him a piece of my mind when he was being his usual infuriating self.

Speaking of which, does anyone else hate eating with people you don't particularly like?

Personally, I find that my threshold has been significantly lowered to the point of intolerant now that I'm forced to talk to every Tom Dick and Harry all day long at work whether I like it or not, so it's like working overtime whenever I have to "entertain" people outside of work.

It's sad but true, my line of work has truly brought out the worst of my anti-social self.

So for now, I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy some quiet "down time" before I call it a night.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone.