Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Back to work after the long weekend.

And it was a chilly rainy day too, which really wasn't much help in uplifting the mood. :|

I felt so groggy the whole day that I think I was sleep walking (and talking) the entire time. I could barely keep my eyes open!

Which was weird, because I actually slept pretty early and well last night. Oh well, must be the weather huh?

And the fact that we have to work! *Rolls eyes*

Good thing that the day actually went past pretty fast. Surprisingly.

We weren't even that busy, though somehow, the time just went by rather quickly today, so hey, I ain't complaining. *Grins*

Maybe it was because I wasn't as annoyed today.

Oh don't get me wrong, people were still annoying, there were just not as many of them today. *Knocks on wood*

Again, no complaints from me on that!

After work, Bee and I had Vietnamese pho for dinner, which as you know, I've been craving for since Sunday.

The big bowl of hot noodle soup with assorted beef slices and beef balls, lots of bean sprouts and a dash of lemon juice put me in such a jolly good mood that I was even up for a walk in the cold weather after dinner.

(Trust me, that doesn't happen very often on a work day!)

We stopped by a random Vietnamese grocery store to replenish my supply of instant noodles, and I accidentally stumbled across this macadamia crunch thingy that turned out to be really good! It's nutty and crunchy, yet without being overly sweet like so many other snacks.

Hmm, definitely gotta remind myself to go back and stock up!

But for now, with a warm and happy tummy, I better crawl into bed and have an early night.

Let this day end on a good note (because I can sense that an unwelcome guest, who obviously doesn't think of himself as a guest, in my living room is gonna annoy the crap outta me real soon), and let it be a less groggy day tomorrow.

Goodnight, peeps!