Sunday, January 22, 2006

Another Weekend in Summer

The weather forecast predicted a maximum of 36ºC yesterday, but it went up to 40ºC.

It predicted a maximum of 43ºC today, I certainly hope that it doesn't go any higher than that. -_-

It's scorchingly hot in Melbourne and I'm baking. No, correction, I'm baked. :(

Just got back from a sleepover at Wen's. I didn't sleep too well eventhough I brought over my dearest small pillow (otherwise known as smelly pillow according to Bee).

I now realise that I have difficulty sleeping in unfamiliar places. I don't recall myself ever having this problem few years back. I used to be able to like a baby no matter where I was.

Is it a sign of getting old, I wonder? Oh don't tell me.

Guess I'm gonna try to catch a few winks before I head out for afternoon tea in South Melbourne and bargain shopping at DFO Essendon. I haven't been to the new DFO yet, here's hoping that there are great buys and the air-conditioning is cold.

I'm seriously gonna have to start studying on Monday.

No more slacking, no more slacking, no more slacking. Now how do I drum that into my head? :|

Oh well, we'll see. If I max out my credit cards today, then I'll have no choice but to sit at home and study comes Monday.

Till then, it's just another sizzling weekend in Melbourne.

Have a good one, everyone. :)

3 left a petal:

Laynie said...

Good time for ice cream, I'd say. :)

Daddy Nick said...

When I was in Melbourne during summer (many years ago), there were lots of pesky flies that fly right in your face during a hot summer day. Do the flies still keep up that tradition?

MisSmall said...

Laynie: It's waaayyy beyond ice-cream now. I think I need an igloo. :(

Daddy Nick: Haha. Yes, the aussie flies still keep up to their notorious reputation, and they're still as slow.