Monday, January 09, 2006

Spelling Bee

I couldn't sleep last night.

Maybe I was too excited about not having to go to work on a Monday. Or maybe it was the foot long meatball sandwich from Subway that I ate.

So I called Bee, at 6am my time (which was 3am in Malaysia). And we ended up playing spelling bee on the phone. Haha.

I never knew that he could spell so well. So that's my newfound respect for you, baby. :D

I love that we can have fun doing silly little things like this. I love that he can spell better than me. I love how he always keep me company when I need to talk. I love how he calls me a spoilt sport because I demand to restart the game whenever I'm close to losing.

Oh I just love him.

8 left a petal:

Jason said...

LOL at the picture. :P Where are you if you are not in Malaysia? Thanks for dropping by my blog.

MisSmall said...

Oh I'm in Melbourne.
Thanks for dropping by mine too. :)

cK said...

Hmm so you disabled comments on all your posts except for this and the previous ones? anyway thanks for pausing at my blog, I'll try potatoes next time =)

Alex Allied said...

Whereabout in Melbourne? :P

cheng sim said...

i lurve the pic! haha =) funny.

MisSmall said...

Chin Kian: I did. I figured I wouldn't be able to keep track of comments on old posts, so yeah. :)
Get back to me on the potatoes yeah? lol

Alex Allied: Right in the city.

Cheng Sim: Haha, thanks. I thought so too.

Kampungkai said...

eeeeeeeeee... main tipu! how can u restart the spelling bee haha! let me guess, u lost again even after restarting. What words were both of u spelling la? some medical terms? Broncholitheamphilitis? hahhaha! That's hard.

MisSmall said...

Kampungkai: I didn't even know that there's such a word. Is there?