Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Boot Camp Day 1

My Board exam is exactly 2 weeks away.

Current status: Completely unprepared.

Current mood: Lack of enthusiasm and momentum.

Current knowledge: Non-existent.

Reality check: Time to at least TRY to do something about it.

Therefore, I shall lock myself away in boot camp starting today.

I doubt it's gonna work, but one's gotta try, yes?

Task list:

  1. Nicotine Dependence (Carried forward)
  2. Angina (Carried forward)
  3. Diabetes (Carried forward)
  4. Drugs Affecting Bones (Carried forward)
  5. Dyslipidaemia (Carried forward)

5 left a petal:

Daddy Nick said...

Good luck! Time to forget about Australian open & blogging! ;)

MisSmall said...

Daddy Nick: I brought along my TV and computer with me to the boot camp. :P

Jeremy C said...

good luck for the exam and boot camp :P

Eternity said...

good luck to you! someone once told me a myth...if you sleep on your books, the knowledge seeps into your brain. never tried, so dunno! you wanna try? :P

MisSmall said...

Jeremy C: Thanks! I sure do need lots of luck to get me through this. :P

Eternity: Haha, thanks for the tip, hun. If it really works, I'll be sleeping 20 hours from now on. It's what I do best anyway. :P