Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Secret Pathway to A Guy's Heart

Victoria's Secret!

(Actually, not really. More like into his pants. :P )

I watched Victoria's Secret Fashion Show tonight.

I LOVE fashion shows! Everything and everyone is oh so pretty.

Perfect skin, perfect figure, perfect hair, perfect shoes, perfect music, perfect lighting, perfect fit, perfect accessories, perfect strut....everything is perfect perfect perfect. Not a hair out of place, and that's the way I like it.

I've always wanted to be an event organiser, be it a wedding planner or PR for parties and events. I have a knack for it too.

I love planning things, organising and making them happen as how I've sketched out in my head. I like all pretty things, I like seeing pieces of ideas coming together, I like making things falling into places, and I'm a control freak. I even like the chaos behind the scenes, to play emergency fix on things that go unexpectedly wrong. But of course, the greatest part is the satisfaction and relief when everything is over and done with.

Oh well, we'll see. If things don't go too well with what I'm doing now, or if I get bored of whiny patients after a while, (and if I'm crazy enough), I might really consider a career change.

It's gonna be totally different from what I've studied to do over the years, but I think it's gonna be fun doing something that I truly enjoy. Anyone has a wedding or a party that needs planning? :D

Anyway, back to the fashion show. It happened to be the last Victoria's Secret runway show for Tyra Banks before she went off to start her new talk show.

Tyra Banks is one of my favourite models of all time.

It's not just about her pretty face and her awesome figure, but she's charming in her own very special way. Her personality and character made her lively, instead of just being another plastic doll. She's got more style and charisma than Paris Hilton can ever hope for, and she's one hot mama!

The good news is, you don't need to look like her to make your guy a very happy man. All you need is some sexy lingerie like hers. *Winks*

6 left a petal:

Shanker said...

Good luck wit ur intentions of being in the event management world. :)

and of course... lingerie like her's and every guy will be beggin for you! ;)

Eternity said...

are you offering free services of a wedding planner?! :D

MisSmall said...

Shan: Not everyone is gonna look as hot in lingerie, but one can only try, yes? :)

Eternity: Haha. Possible. Do you have a wedding that needs planning? :P

Shanker said...

not everyone la cos there are sum ppl which cud make a guy puke instead but it certainly does wonders. *wink*

Eternity said...

yes i do! hey go look at my favourite wedding gowns on my blog. love 'em, love 'em!

MisSmall said...

Shan: Haha. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, no?

Eternity: I just saw them, they're gorgeous. I'm all about simple and classic too when it comes to these things. I dont wanna look back at my wedding pictures 20 years later and think "Gosh, what the hell was I thinking?" :P