Monday, January 16, 2006

Unproductive Day

My Board exam is on 7 February 2006, exactly three weeks from tomorrow.

I haven't touched the books at all. And now that I'm not working anymore, I don't get everyday practice as well.

I'm starting to forget things that I learned during my traineeship, and I'm not absorbing any new knowledge. In short, I'm screwed.

But I seriously can't find the mood and motivation to study at all.

I actually planned to start studying today. You know, with Monday being the first working day of the week and all, might be easier to jump start my dormant brain and lazy bones.

"But I can't start studying if we don't get the new blog template outta the way first. It's gonna be constantly bugging me at the back of my mind." I told Bee on the phone yesterday.

(Yes, I'm weird like that.)

So my very obliging boyfriend finished the design late last night, and I got to preview it this morning.

One HUGE problem - it looks fine with Firefox, but totally out of place with Internet Explorer. We're still trying to fix that.

I just wanted a simple template. Didn't know that it's gonna be so troublesome. >_<

Since the site wasn't done and I couldn't do anything to help, I figured I'll go shopping. I haven't bought anything lately, not even with all the sales going on at the moment. If you're a shopaholic like me, you'll understand that it's like a itch that just won't go away unless you give it a really good scratch.

I walked around the city for 3 whole hours, and ended with nothing.

Nada. Nil. Zero. Zilch.

I came home feeling very defeated. Now I can't even do what I do best - shop.

I had a massive headache and wasn't feeling too well. So I thought I'd make myself some soup.

Sure I can't cook, but how hard can it be to throw all the ingredients into a pot and bring them to boil right?

Well, apparently it's hard enough for me. I turned on the stove, forgot all about it and only remembered when I smelt a funny smell. Now I have a burnt pot sitting in my sink, waiting to be soaked and scrubbed. -_-

I need a jumbo pack of Oreos and a big glass of soy milk to cheer me up! :(

4 left a petal:

Boss Stewie said...

aww give yourself a break..
sooner or later when the time gets closer.. you'll feel the pressure to get down to work... hopefully by then its not too late :)

MisSmall said...

Boss Stewie: Exactly my sentiment, "hopefully by then it's not too late". Haha.

P said...

Sorry to hear your day isn't going to well. I usually wait or let the day go by and hope tomorrow's better ...

MisSmall said...

P: Thanks. :) I felt much better after a big pack of oreos. :P