Friday, January 13, 2006

On Tai-Tai-Hood

I told Bee today that my new ambition is to be a full time tai-tai.

Definitions of Tai tai on the web:
"Tai tai is a term used in Chinese circles, which translates in its strictest sense as 'supreme wife' where a man is wealthy enough (Tai-pan) to have several wives. The term implies respect but it is no longer strictly interpreted. It now applies to the wife of a wealthy man who does not need to work for money. A Tai tai is a privileged lady of means."

I don't like the part about the man having several wives (Don't you even dare to think about it, Mr Bee. *Piercing stares*), but I sure have no problem with the "does not need to work for money" bit. Haha.

To pursue my newfound ambition, I've been putting it to practice lately.

I wake up late, think of what to wear to brunch, and then spend the rest of the afternoon shopping for that pair of perfect stilettos or gossiping over Earl Grey tea and heavenly dessert at Laurent's.

On a slow day, I'll spend the day having my favourite ice-cream in bed while watching comedy series.

I think I'm doing pretty well at it, don't you?

Bee doesn't seem to believe that I'm serious about it.

"Nah, you'll get bored of it after a while." He said.

Maybe he just refuses to believe how bimbotic his girlfriend really is. Haha.

Friends are more supportive though. Wen said all I have to do now is to learn to play mahjong to complete the picture.

Now if only I didn't have a stupid Board exam to study for. >_<

5 left a petal:

kinkybluefairy said...

I wanna be a tai tai too.

'Thought & Humor' said...
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cheng sim said...

being a Tai Tai sounds easy.
yeah, in order to achieve tht u just have to play mahjong more!

cK said...

ooo...I was kinda addicted to mahjong at first but got bored after a month or two. Maybe because we don't really gamble one. BTW did this howdy guy randomly stop by here and leave such a long comment?

MisSmall said...

Kinkybluefairy: Haha. Join the club.

Cheng Sim: I have to find someone to teach me to play mahjong first.

Chin Kian: Beats me. I deleted the comment anyway. :P