Saturday, January 20, 2007

Going to the Tennis

Thanks to the rain today, Wen and I get to watch Tommy Haas live in action at Vodafone Arena tomorrow. *Grins*

His third-round match-up against fellow German, Florian Mayer, in Margaret Court Arena was originally scheduled at 11am this morning, but it had to be postponed due to the rain. It was later canceled and re-scheduled to 11am tomorrow in Vodafone Arena because it's been raining sporadically all day here in Melbourne.

The chance to see my tennis sweetie didn't come easy though.

Wen and I had to travel in rain for a couple of times today (long story) and we predict another long rainy day ahead tomorrow. I even have to spend tonight on Wen's couch just so we can have an early start in the morning.

All these, just to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous tennis player in person. Gosh, don't I feel like a lunatic groupie now. Haha!

Well, let's hope that it's all worth it huh?

Vodafone Arena, here we come!

P/S: But of course Bee, I'm still your biggest fan. :)