Thursday, January 18, 2007


I'm currently lemming for the gorgeous dresses from Seduce's Spring-Summer 2006 collection.

I don't really wear dresses much when I'm Melbourne because of the unpredictable weather . Rain, wind, hail and sun, all in one day! Talk about craziness. And I have very little motivation to doll up for work. The fact that I don't get to wear heels to work puts me off wearing dresses altogether.

I wear them more often when I'm back in Malaysia, well, because Bee likes to see me in them and I get ferried around wherever I go.

Personally, I've always preferred wearing pants and jeans. They're just so much easier to get around in. Yes that's the tomboy-ish side of me you haven't seen yet huh?

However, I do like buying dresses because they are oh-so-pretty to look at and always make me feel extra feminine wearing them. This is a highly impractical behaviour, judging from how little use I get out of each dress before they go out of style again. Some of them just sit in my wardrobe forever until I finally throw them out.

Oh well, girls will be girls huh? :D

My favourites from the current collection of Seduce is the Evita dress and the Hanky Panky Mini Dress. Also loving the Antique Bella Short Ruffle Dress which I don't have a picture of, but you can find it on Seduce's website.

And how cute is the blue pinafore silk dress by Alice McCall huh?

It's a limited edition from Alice McCall for Target last season and is practically sold out across Australia now. I was desperate enough to search for it on ebay where it's sold at a price tag even higher than its original price, but they ran out of my size too.

Now I want it even more! *Pouts*