Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Santa Came Late This Year

I received my belated-Christmas/early-anniversary present in the mail today, from my very own Santa. :)

It's a black Dopod 818 Pro, and I'm so loving it!

In Santa's defence, he actually bought the phone long before Christmas, but he needed time to do some work with it, hence the delay.

That's the thing I love about this boy. Whenever he buys me something, he puts thoughts and efforts into it to make it special, instead of just another present that can be bought with money. *Extra brownie points for Bee*

Knowing how technology-incompatible his girlfriend is, the sweet boy took the time to customised everything in the phone so that it's ready to be used when it reaches me. He even searched high and low for this particular cuppycake song that I absolutely love but is almost impossible to find and made it my ringtone.

And he's so thoughtful that he went through the troubles to find me weather forecast softwares (I live in Melbourne!), some softwares for my work (which is oh-so-hard to get), all the games he knows I like (that's mostly what I'm using the PDA for anyway, haha!), and all the little bits and pieces.

Thanks, sweetie, for the lovely present, and all the time and thoughts you put into it. Though it didn't come as much of a surprise (well, because of how ultra smart your girlfriend is, ha!), but I really love it!

And I love you even more for how sweet you are. :)

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Dancing Queen said...

I have that cuppycake song too and my little girl simply loves it! It sounds just like her singing it! :-)

Have fun with your Dopod!

MisSmall said...

Dancing Queen: Awww how cute! I luurrvvee that song, sometimes I call myself just to listen to it. :P

Paris Beaverbanks said...

Hi Misssmall - Glad you are living the life and are back to share it with us :) Your bf is a doll. I'm glad you guys worked things back out *hugs*

MisSmall said...

Paris Beaverbanks: Hi darl, good to hear from you again. :) I get lazy every now and then, will try not to slack off as much this time. :P