Monday, January 22, 2007

A Day at Tennis

Wen and I had a blast on Sunday at Melbourne Park, despite the heartbreak.

It was actually pretty crazy. In a really stupid way, might I add.

I can't believe we did half of the things we did over the weekend. But it was lots of fun! At the end of the day, it's all these silly things you do when you're young that you look back and smile on later in life.

The whole thing started on Saturday. If you're not bored by trivial details, read on.

It's nothing of great significance, really. I'm just jotting them down so I'll always remember I was once silly and crazy too. :)

  • Haas was scheduled to play at 11am on Saturday, at MCA.

  • Wen and I were rostered to work till 1pm. Bugger!

  • Rainy day in Melbourne. His match was postponed.

  • Overjoyed when I found out. Rang Wen frantically.

  • Met up with Wen in the city. Had lunch.

  • Didn't know whether Haas had played yet. Been 2 hours.

  • Tried accessing Australian Open website using wifi in Melbourne Central but couldn't get connected. We're technology challenged.

  • Rang up all the friends but no one had access to a computer.

  • Was raining cats and dogs outside. Couldn't go anywhere.

  • Walked around aimlessly. Got distracted by shopping.

  • 4.30pm. Walked in the rain to the Australian Open booth at Federation Square.

  • No one knew what was happening. Everyone was telling us a different story.

  • Decided to buy a ticket anyway, but was discouraged by over-friendly gay guy at the ticket counter.

  • Walked fore and back between Australian Open booth and Ticketek. In the rain.

  • 5pm. Took a tram to Melbourne Park. In the rain.

  • Found out that all matches were tentatively canceled. New schedule was to be released at 6pm.

  • Took a tram back to city. Still raining.

  • Rushed to do some last minute shopping before the shops close at 6pm. Girls will be girls.

  • Walked to Bismi on Elizabenth St to meet some friends. In the rain.

  • After waiting for 15 minutes, finally realised we were at the wrong Bismi. Duh!

  • Went back to Wen's place. Got on the internet. Confirmed that Haas was to play at 11am on Sunday.

  • Rang Ticketek. Was put on hold for 10 minutes. Found out that only ticket counters at Melbourne Park were still open.

  • Wen drove to Melbourne Park. Couldn't find parking. Made a few rounds.

  • I got out of the car and queued up in the rain to buy 2 ground passes.

  • Went back to my place. Took shower. Got my stay-over necessities, namely my smelly pillow. :P

  • Bought takeaway in Box Hill.

  • Ate my salted fish and chicken fried rice while watching tennis match at Wen's place.

  • Lapsed into a coma.
  • Woke up at 7am. On a Sunday!

  • Took a tram down to Melbourne Park.

  • Lined up for 2 hours to get into Vodafone Arena. Boy you should've seen the queue!

  • Went through rain, sun and wind in the line. Crazy Melbourne weather!

  • Door opened at 10am.

  • Match started at 11am.

  • Nearly melted when I saw my heartthrob. He's even cuter in real person.

  • (Not as cute as you, of course, Bee.) :D

  • Not so thrilled when I saw his girlfriend though. -_-

  • Haas won the match. Good game. The opponent was a little weak though.

  • Had a yucky fruity drink at the Amex lounge.

  • Decided to line up for nearly 2 hours (again!) at the Garnier booth.

  • Got a massage and a goodie bag from Garnier.

  • Walked to find an Amex pedicab to take us back to Federation Square.

  • Was directed in the wrong direction.

  • Ended up walking all the way back to the city. In the rain. (Yeah, again.)

  • Had a bowl of hot ramen on Collins St.

  • Monday blues started to kick in.

  • Went home.

  • Was dead tired, lapsed into another coma.

It was both fun and funny, the weekend. And now we're paying the price for our stupidity - feeling extremely lethargic and sluggish at work on a gloomy Monday.

Not so funny now, is it? x_x