Friday, September 22, 2006

Kitty Kitty Kitty

My parents bought a new kitten yesterday.

He's a male baby Persian kitty who's only 6 weeks old. He's got blue eyes, pinkish ears and the most adorable doll face.

I'm usually not much of a cat person. Both Bee and I prefer dogs.

But the moment I laid eyes on this cute little furry thing, I cound't help but fell in love.

When I went to the pet shop to pick him up with my mum, he looked just like a little cotton ball with his soft white coat and a greyish patch on his head. He's so tiny that I could hold him in one palm, that's how small he is.

My parents have another female Persian cat who's 10 months now. My dad originally bought the new kitten to keep her company, but they're not getting along very well.

Maybe it's a territory thing, the older kitty doesn't seem to like the new kitten very much. She scratches him whenever he comes near her! But she's always been a bad tempered gal like that. So right now we're keeping them apart, at least until the kitten is big enough to defend himself or till they learn to get along.

In order to protect the privacy of my blog from my family, I can't post the actual pictures of the kitties. But newbie looks exactly like these kittens in the pictures, the blue eyes and all.

He's quite a lazy kitten so far. All he does is eat and sleep. He doesn't even like to move around much.

But he likes to be stroked gently, especially on his head. He falls asleep in my arms whenever I do that. How cute is that huh?

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boo_licious said...

Awww, he sounds super cute. Hope he will get along with the other kitty soon. They are always super adorable when they are tiny.

MisSmall said...

Boo_licious: Yeah, you just can't help loving them when they're so little, can you? :)

Dancing Queen said...

Ain't kittens cute! Coincidentally, my cat delivered 3 kittens over the weekend! Even though they're not of Persian breed or any exotic strain, they're still so adorable....!

White kittens are simply so cute!

MisSmall said...

Dancing Queen: Congratulations! But you must be super stressed looking after 3 little new kittens. We have problem just taking care of one and keeping him away from the bigger cat. Haha!