Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Feet

Is a super cute movie about a penguin who tap dances. It's to be launched soon, Bee and I have been looking forward to it ever since we saw the trailer.

But this is not about the movie or penguins. This is about shoes to make my feet happy.

I scored a few good bargains during Mega Sale last month. Given that I normally suck at bargain hunting, I think I did a fairly good job.

Firstly, I bought two pairs of Nine West at 50% off. I had to make a trip down to their outlet in Avenue K on a rainy day just to pick them up because it was the only outlet that still has my size.

I'm never a fan of platforms and wedges, but I think the trend is growing on me a little after seeing them in almost every fashion magazine. So I had fallen, I bought my first pair of platforms in many many years.

They have dark brown leather straps and chunky heels. I love the casual look and the details on them, especially the fabric patterned sole. These should go very well with cropped pants or pretty summer dresses.

For anyone who's considering buying platforms, the key is to get those with thick (in width) straps. That's the look of the season and personally, thin straps on platforms just look a little too tacky.

So get those with thick leather straps and studded details for a relaxed punk look. They can be easily dressed up or down.

While I was waiting for the sales girl to find these platforms in my size, a pair of bronze Nuncio pointy pumps on the shelf caught my eyes.

They were the last pair left and a little too big for me, but I just had to get it. All I have to do is to insert those insoles for a better fit. I actually had a very similar pair of bronze heels which I absolutely loved and wore them everywhere until they died on me.

I love the smooth leather upper and simple pointy toe design. The Nuncio pumps also come with lightly padded footbed, non-skid sole, and 2.5" of tapered heel. I should be able to wear them to work even when I have to be on my feet all day.

This gorgeous pump is a wardrobe staple and is sure to carry you from the office straight to happy hour! Nine West still carries Nuncio in different colours, so you should be able to locate them easily.

Another happy buy - Martinez Valero slingbacks at nearly 80% off!

These were the last pair too and they fit me perfectly! The original price tag was RM500, but I got them for RM150. What a bargain!

They have beautiful pacific blue silk upper and leather sole. The 3 1/2 inches heels are a little difficult to walk in, but the colour is absolutely gorgeous!

These are perfect when you feel like dressing up for a night out, or even when you're just stepping out for afternoon tea in your jeans and tees.

And I bought two pairs of polka dots pointy pumps from Metrojaya at 50% off the second pair. Didn't take any pictures of them so I can't post them up.

The polka dots pointy pumps come with fabric upper and therefore they get dirty very easily. I got them in yellow and pink. On a rainy day, I stepped into a puddle when I was wearing the yellow ones and they got wet completely! But they were dirt cheap, so I couldn't care less.

Isn't shopping extra fun when you find bargains like these? :)

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Dancing Queen said...

I'm also a shoe freak but I try not to overbuy. Always looking out for the ultimate pair of shoes.

I don't really go for high heels cos I tend to wear off the heels pretty fast. I like your pair of wedges though.

MisSmall said...

Dancing Queen: I wear off heels very fast too, but I still can't resist buying them. :P

I don't normally go for platfoms like that because they're have more weight and I find it a little difficult to walk.

Jemima said...

I like the bronze & the blue pairs.

Jemima said...

Selamat Berpuasa, Ness. :p

Jemima said...

LOL... my mistake. The last comment was meant for my friend, Ness. *whacks head for being a dumb goose*

MisSmall said...

Jemima: Haha! No worries, girl. Guess you really were too tired. Hope you'll manage to get some rest over the weekend. :)

Kampungkai said...

Pretty heels...
'A full tummy is a happy tummy' is no more in trend

'A heeled feet is a happy feet' sounds more hip ya? haha!

MisSmall said...

Kampungkai: Indeed, very happy feet. :P

tuktoyaktuk said...

omg i lovelovelove that blue pair! and such a great deal too!! :)

MisSmall said...

Tuktoyaktuk: Yeah the colour is gorgeous. Even more so since it's such a good buy huh? :)