Friday, November 14, 2008

Dumpling King

I made dumplings today.

The grand project started last night. Me, the undomesticated goddess, spent a whole hour chopping Chinese shiitake mushrooms, carrots and cabbage until my non-existent biceps were sore. I prepared enough meat fillings to feed a small army and left it to marinate overnight in the fridge.

Then I sat at my dining table for another hour tonight, making four big plates of these chubby dumplings.

They were so over-stuffed that the filling was busting out of the dumpling skin like a fat woman trying to squeeze into a skimpy outfit.

Bee frowned when he saw my little fatties, "Are your dumplings obese?"

"Oh don't be so critical! They're full figured bui-lings!" I grinned. (Translation: Bui = Fat.)

He poked at the bulging dumplings and said, "I think the uncle who sells wantan mee (wonton noodles) can easily make 20 wontons outta one of these."

He then came up with some lame raps/rhymes mocking my bui-lings till I had to distract him with some irrelevant chores.

Some of you might have noticed the lack of pictures in my posts lately. My apologies, but I've been so lazy that I couldn't even be bothered to pick up my camera.

The pictures tonight are courtesy of my husband. He was being an overly excited kitchen hand chanting "I want to help make dumplings! I want to help make dumplings!", so I diplomatically said to him, "Sweetie, why don't you be a good boy and go take some pictures of those dumplings for me?"

Kinda like, "Here, go fetch!" Haha.

Half way through stuffing meat fillings, I started plotting my genius business plan - a restaurant chain called Dumpling King. Like Burger King, only with oversized dumplings.

I'll put one in every Chinatown around the globe, serving quality dumplings with generous fillings and my secret dipping sauce with Chinese black rice vinegar.

We'd even offer delivery service. On those cold winter nights when you don't feel like leaving the comfort of your home, all you have to do is to dial 1300-DUMPLINGS and we'll come knocking on your door with freshly made hot dumplings. For every order of $25 and above, you get a complimentary hot and sour soup on the house!

Sounds good? Watch out, as it's coming to a Chinatown near you when I successfully find a filthy rich tycoon with foresight to fund my drastic change in career. Haha.

I think too much dumpling-making is getting to my head and I'm losing my plot. :/

If not, I'll just continue with my one woman (plus one annoying wingman) sweatshop, making enough dumplings to last for a whole week and store them in freezer with nicely stacked containers.

Bui-lings, anyone? :D

8 left a petal:

fuzkittie said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Dumplings!!!

emotionalistic said...

So what did you do with them? Steam or fry? Btw, your dumplings look good :). Yum yum...

Che-Cheh said...

Wah you're good. :)

sab said...

they look yummy & generous! :)

sdovelly said...

yummm!! i envy! hehe...

Doreen said...

Yeah, good ideas. Don't forget international delivery or in more appropriate term, export!

MisSmall said...

Fuzkittie: Something I just can't get enough of in winter! :D

Emotionalistic: I boiled them, mostly. Sometimes I pan fried them into gyozas. But I hate the smell of oil on my clothes and hair, so boiling them is the easiest way. :)

Che-Cheh: Err..not really. It's one of the very few things I can successfully make in the kitchen, and that's because it doesn't require much cooking skills at all. :D

MisSmall said...

Sab: For the carnivore in me, the more meat the merrier! Hehe.

Sdovelly: My dumplings? Or my genius business plan? :P

Doreen: Don't worry, darl, I'll personally see to it that we have a branch in Wellington. :D