Monday, December 15, 2008

How to Wear Black Nail Polish Right

I've been wearing black nail polish to nearly all of my formal social events lately, and I'm loving it!

First of all, black nail polish works wonders in adding that extra bit of edge to an otherwise ultra girly or feminine outfit, and hence, prevents you from looking over-polished or trying too hard.

When your chiffon gown almost makes you feel like you belong in the room full of middle-aged aunties showing off jewelleries that cost more than a small flat, this bold varnish simply shows that little bit of edgy personality and separates you from the Stepford wives.

It's been said that black is the new French manicure. When worn correctly, the slight rebellious touch doesn't make you look any less classy or sophisticated, only less generic.

The key to wearing black nail polish right is all in the length of nails.

If the nails are cut too close to the skin, black might make your fingers look stubby and ugly. If the nails are too long, you risk looking like a Halloween witch. The secret to wearing this dark polish trendy, but not tacky, is to have your nails short (finger-tip length, preferably) and well filed in a square shape.

Now, that brings us to the downside of black nail polish - it is high maintenance. Your nails have to be constantly clipped to the proper length and shape, and top coats have to be re-applied frequently to maintain the high gloss finish that is essential for black nail polish to look good. Chipped or uneven nail colour is a big NO-NO.

For someone who can't paint nails to save her life, I've had to frequent nail saloons on a weekly basis to get a new set of manicure and pedicure. And that is if I take good care of them. I comfort myself by thinking that at least I don't have to think of a new colour each and every week, so that makes it better. I guess.

Black is so versatile that it pretty much goes with any colours, so it's perfect if you're as fickle-minded as me and can't decide your outfit till the very last minute. I would, however, avoid wearing it with an all-black outfit (especially long gowns) to avoid looking gothic or too matchy-matchy.

Personally, black nail polish compliments medium or pale skin the most; and I tend to pair it with silver coloured jewelleries, instead of gold ones. I also steer clear of chunky/thick bracelets or necklaces to avoid looking like a wannabe-punk.

But of course, the only rule in fashion is, there are no rules. A little trial and error will help to find your own way of wearing this dramatic but fabulous colour on your nails.

So have fun playing with it and report back. :)

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iamthewitch said...

You've just given me a whole new perspective on black nail polish, my dear. I used to think the women wearing black nails were evil looking. :P I guess you're starting to change my mind and I MIGHT just try it out, because I always keep my nails short. :)

fuzkittie said...

Ooo very good post~ I love dark nails!

sab said...

ooohhh! i have to try this! just hafta wait for my nails to grow... :)

prettybeautiful said...

i LURVEEE black polish, suitable for ALL the events! your nails are so well-trimmed. i cant trim my nails...and i have never done a good painting job on my nails. usually is quite uneven, which is why i never had black polish on its own, usually i top with glitters to distract the imperfect

Josephine said...

very "PRO"!!!

Doreen said...

Yeah, black and white has always been my favourite. I think they're just simple, young, cool yet trendy! I'm now thinking of having a french manicure with black as base and white as tip. That would be just perfect!

Che-Cheh said...

This black is so good on your nails. A touch of classy actually. :)

ParisB said...

I've always wanted to use black polish on my nails but I have super short nails so I'd fall into the stubby category. Perhaps I should try growing my nails and resiste the urge to cut them just to try black once :)

emotionalistic said...

I cant wear finger nail polish and I have to keep them short all the time in order to do my job :P.

renaye said...

ah. i also want to visit a manicurist to pamper myself but i'm so afraid they didn't sterilise their tools. i'm just too clean freak.

sesame said...

I haven't tried black. The closest shade is Lincoln Park After Dark. It looks good but I agree with you it's high maintainence cos you need to make sure the nails are in good shape or they really stick out!

sdovelly said...

I don't seem to put on black right on my nails! Maybe due to the shape of my nails.

MisSmall said...

Iamthewitch: try it, gal. And remember to post pictures when you do. :)

Fuzkittie: Big thanks to Karl Lagerfeld for bringing the dark polish back in trend!! :D

Sab: Good thing is, you don't have to wait for them to grow very long since black polish looks best on short nails! :)

Prettybeautiful: You give yourself less credit than you deserve, gal. From the nail art pictures I see on your blog, you're doing a way better job than I can!

MisSmall said...

Josephine: Haha. I'll pass that message to my manicurist. :)

Doreen: Hmm, that's never crossed my mind actually. I've always worn black on its own. I guess I'm quite a minimalist when it comes to nail colours. Haha.

Che-Cheh: I imagine it'll look just as good on anybody's nails. You should give it a try too. :)

ParisB: Since black varnish looks best on nails of fingertip length, it might just be the colour for you. Try it try it! :D

MisSmall said...

Emotionalistic: I'm the same when I work. Maybe that's why I tend to go a lil overboard with manicures now. I was too deprived! Hehe.

Renaye: Oh trust me, I'm a bigger freak and that was my major concern too when I first got back. Nail saloons in Malaysia don't seem to have proper sterilising measures, I'd say. But I caved in anyway since I seriously lack the motor coordination skills to trim/paint my own nails properly. :P

Sesame: And to maintain the high gloss finish! A matte dark polish just looks a lil "flat", don't you think?

Sdovelly: Oh don't be silly, gal. Anyone can wear black. And shape of nails can always be trimmed, no? :)