Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In Year 2008, I........

  • Turned 28.
  • Took on the responsibility to pay for Long's living expenses in Tassie.
  • Quit a high-paying managerial job with the most liberal and understanding bosses.
  • Contemplated on buying my own practice, but was advised against it by our accountant after an evaluation of the business.
  • Went on holidays with Bee to Tasmania and Perth.
  • Left everything behind in Melbourne to move back to KL.
  • Received the most memorable marriage proposal and a stunning engagement ring from Bee.
  • Got (legally) married to Bee.
  • Struggled to adjust myself to the madness and frustration of living in my own home country.
  • Was terribly annoyed and culture-shocked, on a daily basis, by our fellow coutrymen and the "tidakpa" attitude.
  • Became terribly homesick of Melbourne.
  • Realised that I may not even want to hold on to my Malaysian passport if it wasn't for my loved ones, as I've completely lost faith in the country.
  • Had some of the biggest arguments with Bee.
  • Slowly learned to appreciate my new lifestyle as a stay-at-home wife who does NOT cook or do house chores.
  • Came to accept and love Bee's family like my own.
  • Gained weight as a result of my obsessive compulsive tendency with food.
  • Turned down 2 very attractive job offers in KL to continue being a full-time bum.
  • Discovered that most things in life are not what they appeared to be on the surface.
  • Rediscovered the joy of blogging.
  • Learned that maybe it's time to grow up.

It was a good year. Despite some of the ups and downs.

It was the year Bee and I had our formal Registration of Marriage and tied the knot. It was the year that we got to spend the most time together since we knew each other. It was the year that I began to learn to embrace him for both his strengths and flaws as he's done that for me since the day we met. It was the year that we realised we love each other not only as lovers, but as family too.

It was the year we said "I do".