Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hello, Year 2009

It's official. Year 2008 has come and gone.

I still can't believe that another year just snapped by like that. Time sure flies huh?

Did anyone else notice that after the age of 21, time just speeds up and flies by like it has no importance?

Remember how we used to wait forever for the semester to end so we can move up to primary 5? Or how we couldn't wait till we're 17 so we can get our driving licenses?

Back then, time seemed to be stagnant. Everyday passed by so slowly that we thought we have all the time in the world to ourselves. It almost felt like we would never grow up, or become old.

But now, it's as if time has gone onto the fast track and refused to slow down for anything. A blink, and it's gone. It slipped through our fingers so quietly and so quickly before we could hold on to anything.

Looking back, 2008 has been good to me. There were some minor hiccups along the way, yes, but it's been pretty good in general. Which makes it even harder to have to say goodbye.

Bee and I had a really quiet New Year's Eve. Both of us fell asleep before 10.30pm, and only woke up at midnight by the sound of fireworks.

With sleepy eyes, we stayed in bed and watched the fireworks from our bedroom on the second floor. We kissed, and wished each other Happy New Year.

No champagne. No countdown. No confetti. Only each other's company.

And that's how we ushered in year 2009.

18 left a petal:

Josephine said...

No champagne. No countdown.
But at least BEE was with u...

ME? I was alone...

Doreen said...

My time fast tracked exponentially as soon as I finish my degree.

Quiet moment is a bliss too!

sdovelly said...

and you know what, i slept from yr 2008 to 2009, only be awakened by hubby's kiss on the cheek the next morning.

emotionalistic said...

I slept 30 minutes after you. Happy New Year, missmall :).

renaye said...

i woke up early on new year to get nst, the last copy at the newspaperstand.

fuzkittie said...

Happy new year~~

Leanne said...

Happy New Year.

Your last two posts inspired me to pick up blogging again. I've been on hiatus for a white but starting getting bored lately.

I really like the Jan 01 2009 stamp picture you've got here, I hope you don't mind if I use it?

cbenc12 said...

cant agree more with u.. time just pass by so quickly whne u r older.. mayb coz our life is a routine now.. or lack of goal?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

OMG....So true. About the time flying part.....Damn.

Che-Cheh said...

Me at home. Spending time with family.

Happy New Year!

prettybeautiful said...

i wish i had stayed home rather than being stuck in the traffic -_-

iamthewitch said...

Happy New Year to you! I spent my new year in a pub, listening to live band. Not my choice, for sure.

foongpc said...

Yes, time just flies! I think because we are busier than when we were younger. When you are busy, time just flies. Or maybe because you are happy? Notice how time flies during happy times, and slows down during sad times.

No champagne and countdown? That's OK, as long as you spent it with your loved ones, right? : )

Lila said...

Happy New Year, MisSmall~ ^_^

MisSmall said...

Josephine: If I remember correctly, this is also our second NYE being physically together. So trust me when I say that I know how much it sucks having to be alone on days like this. But look on the bright side, hun, at least you can travel from Singapore to KL anytime you want and it's only a 2-hour flight away. I'll most likely be all alone down under next NYE. :(

Doreen: Indeed. I think I'm getting too old for the loud party scene these days. Haha.

Sdovelly: Awww, how sweet is that! :)

MisSmall said...

Emotionalistic: Haha. Welcome to the un-happening club, hun. :P

Renaye: And you didn't save a copy for me?! Hrmph! :D

Fuzkittie: A (very) belated happy new year to you too, darl. :)

MisSmall said...

Leanne: If my scribbles and ramblings are able to inspire anyone in any way at all, then this blog of mine has served its purpose. Thanks for the sweet comment, gal. Do come by more often. :)

Cbenc12: Yeah, or maybe there are just less things that we eagerly look forward to now huh?

The Constantly Dramatic One: You're not even 21 yet!! Wait till you're my age, darl. >_<

Che-Cheh: Hope you had a fun time with your family. Happy belated new year to you too. :)

MisSmall said...

Prettybeautiful: Oh no, the horror of traffic jams in KL on NYE! I get headache just from thinking about it. >_<

Iamthewitch: That sounds nice though. What wasn't your choice, the pub or the live band?

Foongpc: Definitely agree with the part about how time flies when one is happy. And yes, spending time with loved ones beats counting down with a crowd of strangers many times over! :)

Lila: A (very) belated happy new year to you too, darl. :D