Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Quiet Weekend

Bee and I decided to stay in this weekend.

Being the hermits that we secretly are, the past few weeks had been really hectic for us. We're both in serious need of some quiet time to just relax and unwind, away from the crowd and bustles.

Personally, holding a cocktail glass while standing around and mingling with a room full of strangers is WAY more stressful and tiring than holding a full-time job that requires me to work 7 days a week and talking to sick grumpy patients all day long.

But of course, the dressing up and stepping out part is undeniably fun. For the little vain pot in me, the best part about attending all these social functions is having the perfect excuse to go shopping like mad wear those fancy makeup or jewelleries you normally won't and get all dolled up for a night out on the town.

This weekend, however, I'll be happily living in Bee's oversized singlet and baggy pyjamas pants while binging on junk food in bed with my greasy limpy hair. Not forgetting I have heaps of catching up to do on reading and blogging.

I hope your weekend plans are more exciting than mine. :)

5 left a petal:

fuzkittie said...

Hehe! I agree, the best part about going out is dressing up~~

Doreen said...

Yeah, I enjoy dressing and dolling up, too bad I don't have as many social events as you.

emotionalistic said...

I'll be attending my company's dinner this Wednesday. And yes, I'm very excited about it :D. I LOVE dressing up ;).

renaye said...

it's good to rest at home. moreover nowadays have been raining...

MisSmall said...

Fuzkittie: It does wonders to boost a gal's self esteem and put us in the jolly mood, doesn't it? :)

Doreen: Funny thing is, I normally dread such social functions. They're too time and energy consuming (for me anyway). But I guess I was bored out of my mind few weeks ago when I RSVP'ed for them. :P

Emotionalistic: Make sure you dress to kill and have heaps of fun, yeah? :D

Renaye: Yeah, it feels really homey to stay in with a hot cup of tea on such rainy days, doesn't it? :)