Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Youtube Makeup Gurus

When I first got back to Malaysia, I was doing a really good job sticking to my promise of not hoarding up any unnecessary cosmetics. And I didn't miss the makeup collection (including my MAC brushes) I left behind in Melbourne at all.

Then I started watching makeup tutorials and haul videos on Youtube, and the effort just went down the drain.

The itch that I didn't wanna scratch, refused to be ignored any longer.

So I thought I'd share with you girls a few of my favourite makeup gurus on Youtube, and see if I can bring some of you down with me. *Winks*

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here they are:

A down to earth and soft spoken girl with a beautiful smile. She's great with using inexpensive and drugstore makeups.

Just like her fun and bubbly personality, Leesha's tutorials mainly consist of bright and colourful eye makeups.

Fabulous retro and vintage makeup tutorials, love the music choices too! Amy is an Aussie, which makes it great since I can relate more to the products she uses.

Did anyone else notice that some of Elessa's videos of late had gotten a little "commercialised"? But still, awesome hair and makeup tutorials, and she's such a pretty gal.

It's a little weird watching a guy putting makeup on himself, I must admit. But Koren's got some really good makeup tips and DIY ideas, eg. depotting eyeshadows, pigment pressing, etc.

A very pretty blonde who can pull off even the craziest makeup effortlessly. She doesn't speak in her tutorials, which is a shame, but her dramatic eye makeups with daring and bright colours are absolutely gorgeous!

She uses a wide range of products and has some great makeup tips. Definitely worth checking out.

A trip to MAC, anyone? :)

12 left a petal:

emotionalistic said...

I only bought a few eye shadow colors from MAC. I'm actually a fan of Bobbi Brown :).

cbenc12 said...

wah, i think i need to watch them..i am really bad in makeup!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

askmemakeup is like youTube video hero. Seriously. Also...........MakeupGeekTV...........maybe she's mute? =0

shirley said...

Stay away from me!! Don't pass me the itch!! :p :p

renaye said...

i actually have worn makeup like 4 times in my life. and i personally don't make up because 1) i don't have the money to buy the items and 2) i don't know how. but i have always wanted to go for a makeover!!!

RYC: haha. i can give u the empat ekor but u have to buy it at ur own risk. :D

Josephine said...

I used to watch Michelle Phan's youtube videos. Check it out!

iamthewitch said...

With my new makeup set lying in my room now, I am in need to look for a guru! Your entry came aptly missmall :)

Doreen said...

They're all eurasians except the xteener! I myself would prefer her as I can relate more to my features.

Tine said...

Me likey AskMeMakeup. Too bad she hardly does any videos now. As for Enkore, err, sorry lah, I still find it a bit weird :p

25th said...

i love MAC too!
to the extreme tht 95% of my comestics are frm MAC.
although i've been told many times Bobbi Brown are best for asian skin, i still can't seem to get myself off MAC to Bobbi Brown.

MisSmall said...

Emotionalistic: I love Bobbi Brown too! Their eyeshadow palettes are fantastic. I haven't tried any of their brushes though. I think I got sucked into the MAC craze because everyone has been raving about it. :D

Cbenc12: Some of the makeup tutorials are really easy to follow. Hope they help. :)

The Constantly Dramatic One: Monroemisfitmakeup, you meant? But she's pretty and blonde, and that makes everything okay. Haha.

Shirley: You can run, but you can't hide from the "itch", darling. Muahahaha! *Evil laugh*

Renaye: Makeup doesn't have to cost a bomb. Some drugstore or low-end cosmetics are actually really good. And yeah, a makeover might be a good start to kick off your interest once you realise the wonders of makeup in transforming our looks. :D

MisSmall said...

Josephine: The voice-over in her videos reminds me of in-flight infomercials, which kinda annoys me and that's why I stopped watching her. :P

Iamthewitch: Haha. Have fun playing with your new makeups, gal!

Doreen: I think pursebuzz is Vietnamese (like xteeener) and part French. She looks unmistakenly Asian to me though.

Tine: It's a little weird watching a guy putting makeup on himself, but in real life, I've actually always had better experiences with male makeup artists over female ones though.

25th: I guess it's hard to not succumb to the whole MAC craze since it's such a huge trend now. It just seems like everyone is using and raving about MAC, and we girls are just suckers for that. :)